“My words were taken advantage of. Celtic is not a make-up game.”

“My words were taken advantage of. Celtic is not a make-up game.”


Match date

Lazio has already made a customary tour of the stadium to breathe the air of Celtic Park. Now have dinner at the hotel and think about tomorrow. Celtic and Lazio, at 9 p.m.

8.40 pm

Property in Castellanos

“Tati is intelligent, I immediately saw his desire to learn, he performed well in Spain. I am convinced that he will help us, as well as other new players who are struggling with what happened to us at the beginning with Sarri.” We are very keen to have them, they are putting their all into it. My proverb? It went up, not down. I am always there mentally and physically, the difference is only in the goals. “I feel like I did when I won the Golden Boot.”

8.38 pm

Immobile’s desire and the turning point for the team

“For the team, it could be so. We expected a different start after the decline we made. With Lecce, we went from a possible 2-0 loss to a loss, against Genoa it was a completely different match. For us, all matches were possible.” The turning point, all the cards are there for us to be able to do it, and that’s why this situation makes us angry. Previous with Celtic? In the first leg I was on the bench and I saw the environment much better. “Things have changed for us and for Celtic, but I know very well and I can tell you what the atmosphere will be like tomorrow.”

8.35 pm

Immobile and challenging against Celtic

“It’s the same difficulties between the championship and the Champions League. Maybe we will fail this year in some of the basics. We will definitely find the refinement that enables us to attack in a better way. I trust my teammates a lot, I trust that.” “What they are showing me and I know what we can offer. They are a strong team, they know how to play football, different from the Anglo-Saxon teams. It will be a difficult match. The goal? I have scored many goals and I have also been through difficult moments, and thanks to the team I know I will come out of them.” . So when we get back to creating chances, I’m sure I’ll be back scoring goals, and lots of them.”

8.33 pm

Lazio and Immobile speak at the press conference

“I’m fine, I was expecting a different start. I know how I see myself working, I keep my calm. I’m convinced that results will come. Criticisms? My brother and my wife were more dissatisfied with what happened.” They really care about what you’ve done over the years. “It seemed impossible to me that true Lazio fans would say anything negative against me.”

8.30 pm

Sarri’s choices: the coach’s idea

“How do you fight with a team with great intensity? With technique yes, but I have doubts. So the physical aspect is preferred. I don’t know who will play in midfield. Tomorrow morning, we will hold a staff meeting and decide.”

8.27 pm

Sarri and the challenge against Celtic

“Celtic is a very dangerous team because of their dynamism and speed. Technically, that surprised me, but they have great technical values. I watched the championship matches and the first in the Champions League. In the first half with equal numbers they deserved more. Rodgers? Celtic is different from Leicester. It is good, He has been at Liverpool for three years and the Scots could be the loose cannon of the group“.

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8.24 pm

Sari and “the germ”: his words

“It’s no longer there despite the results. We are in a moment where there is a good climate and good behavior in the group. It makes us feel confident, but also anxious because we cannot understand what happened. I have my idea, I won’t tell you. But yes to the players. Celtic? We are not a tactical team, we are a strategic team. In the moment of impact, motivation is much more important. Tomorrow it will be important to make a serious impact. In Milan we started well, with a good character. Then we didn’t and could have managed the game more maliciously. I liked the team there. Also the reaction after the Rossoneri’s advantage. Then when we went down I didn’t like the team anymore. “I don’t know if it was because of our usual influence in the second half.”

8.22 pm

Sarri and the Champions League

“It’s not a redemption match, it’s another story. We are in the Champions League, there is nothing to replace here after the draw with Atletico Madrid. We want to get the result and do not look for stories and motives. The motivation is there in the match because we are playing the Champions League with the strongest teams. “We can even get to Game 6, that’s all.”

8.20 pm

Surrey Conference: first words

“Exploiting the transmission of only some words, not all of them: this is what bothered me. But now it’s offensive to talk about something else, let’s think about the Champions League. Here you say 8 words, you conclude 2. Next time I will just say yes and no.. With Celtic, it is not a physical game, they have speed and intensity. “It’s not a devastating effect.”


reasons of delay

Post-Brexit bureaucracy has ground Lazio to a halt. Checks were too long and the team was banned after getting off the plane and traveling by bus to get to Celtic Park. We are waiting for the Biancocelesti to arrive on the field.

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7.30 pm

Sari and the conference: time is postponed

Sarri and Immobile’s press conference, scheduled for 7pm, will start late. The team has yet to arrive at Celtic Park.

7.15 pm

Celtic coach’s words at the conference

“I think the recipe for us tomorrow, especially at this level, is courage. You have to be brave, you have to have that courage and that belief to play the way you want to play. I have no doubt that my players from Kick-Off will be ready to give everything What we have. And if we can go and play with that belief and that courage, we have a great chance of achieving a great result.. So said Rodgers, the Celtic coach, in the press conference before the match against Lazio.

7:00 pm

Antecedents with Celtic

Hunt for the first time. Lazio prepares to test Celtic, on the second day of the Champions League, precedents so far are not helping: the Scots have so far won both matches against the Biancocelesti, dating back to the 2019 UEFA Europa League/2020 season. Lazio lost 2-1 back and forth, first in Scotland and then in the Olimpico, despite the initial superiority first with Lazzari and then with Immobile.

6.45 pm

Lazio’s numbers in the Champions League

Victory has been missing for 20 years. Lazio faces Celtic and is looking for success away from home in the Champions League. The last time went back to 0-2 on September 16, 2003, when the Biancocelesti, led by Mancini at the time, opened the Besiktas Stadium thanks to goals from Stamm and Fury. Conversely, Celtic have not lost at home since October 11, 2022, following their defeat by Leipzig.

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6.15 pm

Lazio, winning in Europe is mandatory

A gray moment for Lazio. The defeat against Milan opened the crisis once and for all at the beginning of the season. Few points in the tournament, 7 so far in 7 matches. Then there is the Champions League with the challenge against Celtic to try to win and bring back the smile. Sarri and Immobile are scheduled to speak at a press conference soon.

Glasgow – Celtic Park press room

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