Bologna, De Zerbe refuses the bench: He did it for Mihajlovic

Bologna, De Zerbe refuses the bench: He did it for Mihajlovic

Bologna – When I decided to Bologna exempt Sinisa Mihajlovicthe first name that circulated in Casteldebole was the name Roberto de Zerbi. The profile that made everyone agree, CEO Fenucci, Di Vaio, Sartori and even owner Saputo. At that moment the call started, but the response was surprising. Everyone: “I would like to, but I can’t do it after Sinisa.”

De Zerbe, no to Bologna for Mihajlovic

An answer that left everyone amazed. So much so that it suggests an attitude of friendship between coaches. In fact, there is no special relationship between de Zerbe and Mihajlovic: they hardly know each other, they are not friends, they have not dated. Only, the ex-Sassuolo coach made a “humane” choice. But for him it is indispensable. The same person who, in February, when the conflict erupted in Ukraine where Shakhtar trained, persuaded him to tell his assistants: “I will stay here, not abandon the players,” they stayed for days in a Kyiv hotel with armed guards inside and bombs outside.

False Hints: There are no other clubs

This time, De Zerbe decided he didn’t feel like replacing a coach who was fighting a battle more important than a football match: the fight against leukemia. A position taken without making judgments of merit, without wanting to send letters or examples. Just to be at peace with himself. Nor, as some have suggested, because she was tempted by other teams. So far, the only club that pursued De Zerbe was Bologna. Great city, interesting team, even if they come back from sad years. In short, the classic stimulus project. But there are conditions that, for some, cannot be accepted.

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