Events at Villa Arconati are inspired by Agenda 2030

Events at Villa Arconati are inspired by Agenda 2030

The Augusto Rancilio Foundation, located in a historic villa on the outskirts of Milan, wanted to collect commitments for a sustainable future launched by the United Nations, which would be the focus of initiatives and meetings until December 2022, with the artistic direction of Massimiliano Vinitzer-Flury.

FAR – Augusto Rancilio Foundation for Villa Arconati, West Facade

To what extent can sustainability be supported with just words? Work is required. Among the actions envisaged by the seventeen goals of the 2030 Agenda, there is not a word culture. There is one about education. Hence the need to interpret and represent all the goals of the 2030 Agenda with cultural actions. An agenda that must be read first and then emotionally and scientifically narrated. Our project is just: Organizing the 2030 Agenda between history and nature in a place capable of representing a connection between minds to build the futureSo, director and actor Massimiliano Vinazer FloriArtistic Director of the project, presented the 2030 Agenda between Art and Science, Nature and Culture, and the New Timeline Augusto Rancilio Foundation Which will be held throughout 2022 in Arconati Villa Polati, in the interior and exterior spaces of the historic building located on the outskirts of Milan. Art, science, nature and culture are the overarching themes that respond to the call of the United Nations and are embodied in “A program of action for people, planet and prosperitySigned in September 2015 by the governments of the 193 member states. A collective commitment that can only be achieved through education and engagement with the public: it is the goal of the institution that, in collaboration withUniversity of Milanproposes a series of initiatives that include meetings, conferences, dialogues, activities, musical and theatrical performances, alluding to the complete fusion of artistic and science disciplines.

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FAR - Augusto Rancilio Foundation for Villa Arconati
FAR – Augusto Rancilio Foundation for Villa Arconati

Agenda 2030: The 2022 season of Villa Arconate in Bollet

The first date has been set Sunday 3 April At 11 o’clock, with the Meeting of Sustainable Cities and Communities, which will include readings of texts from the works of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italo Calvino And the Jorge Luis Borges. Villa Arconati will host the audio work on April 24th at 4pm Earthphonia to Max Kasachi, Producer and founder of Subsonica, who will interpret the balance of nature through sound work made from the sounds and noises of the ecosystems that regulate our planet. Education will be the focus of the meeting April 29 With Milan State University President Elio Franzini, while gender equality will be the theme on June 5 with Marielissa D’Amico And the paola mate, followed by the Green Party with the choir of Loggione’s friends at the Teatro alla Scala. Furthermore, the dignity of work, business, innovation and infrastructure, waste control, health and well-being, water, climate change and many other topics will revitalize the programming until the end of the year. “This project is open to creative networks, starting with training“, continues the technical director.”Nevertheless, we are convinced that art can still teach us to astonish, marvel, excite, pay attention to detail, and seek beauty in every place and time. Thus, we will need a circular culture that escapes from the stupid contradiction between the human and scientific dimensions. From April to December, every month, the program provides training and events of a different artistic type for each of the 17 goals of Agenda 2030. To make participants experience the integration of nature through culture“, it concludes.”For sustainable development to become an education-supported system“.

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– Julia Ronchi

2030 Agenda
Augusto Rancilio Foundation at Villa Arconati FAR,
Via Madonna Famita, 1, Bollate County, Michigan
https://www.villaarconati-far.He. She /

FAR - Augusto Rancilio Foundation for Villa Arconati, restored kindergarten
FAR – Augusto Rancilio Foundation for Villa Arconati, restored kindergarten

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