A general success in Città della Scienza for Halloween weekend events!

A general success in Città della Scienza for Halloween weekend events!

From Friday 27th to Sunday 29th October 3000 visitors They chose the winning format offered by Città della Scienza: scientific activities that satisfy the desire for curiosity and provide a lot of fun.

The weekend began last Friday with the opening of the evening planetarium and the “Other worlds“On the topic of exoplanets and extraterrestrial life. A joyful aperitif but at the same time a suggestive and interesting evening thanks to planetary observations and dialogue with experts. to’Rendezvous in the Milky WayIt will be renewed December 14.

Then on Saturday evening there was something unforgettable “Night at the Museum” For many children full of adventures and discoveries in company Ghosts, pumpkins and bats, then sleep in a sleeping bag Under the large starry dome of the planetarium. Here too, by popular demand, the new date is already known: 22 December.

Moreover, with a program full of creative scientific experiments and amazing exciting performances, the big family party was held yesterday.”Waiting for Halloween“: The perfect place to celebrate the ghostly atmosphere of the anniversary of Celtic origin that has now been integrated into our country as well, an experience that becomes in the Città della Scienza Scary educational For visitors of all ages. The next big gig will be in January for Befana.


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