Coronavirus disease. Baloo (Eva): “The virus is less aggressive, enough to scare people”

“There are no indications that Pyrola is more dangerous or so contagious that it has been classified as a simple virus to be monitored by the European Agency ECDC for the Control of Communicable Diseases. As if we were saying, let’s follow its path but without worrying,” the head of the agency explained in an interview with the newspaper. Corriere della Sera.

31 Aug

“There is no reason for concern. Covid cases “are increasing and will probably increase again. They are still mild forms, but hospitalizations are not increasing.” The virus “is becoming less and less virulent.” It causes fever, sore throat and cold. It is not pneumonia. It stops in the respiratory system. upper.

That’s what he explained george Ballou, Virologist and head of the Italian Medicines Agency (IFA), in an interview with the newspaper Corriere della Sera: “There is an inverse relationship between infections and deaths – he said – the virus cannot be more pathogenic today because it would be tantamount to extinction. Sars-CoV-2 needs to adapt to humans and become endemic.So, let’s stop scaring people.

Regarding the latest version of the virus, he says: “There are no indications that Pirola is more dangerous or contagious to the point that it has been classified as a simple virus that must be monitored by the European Agency for Combating Infectious Diseases (ECDC). It’s like he’s saying, let’s follow his path but without worrying.”

Hence Ballou’s call to “remember that even if the infection is harmless to us, it can pose a danger to the elderly and vulnerable people.”

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If you suspect you might be infected with the virus? He concluded that “precautionary diagnosis is always the best approach in medicine,” calling for “conducting a swab in the event of respiratory symptoms and adapting accordingly with a sense of responsibility.”

August 31, 2023
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