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Pescara. Better than expected results: “I was expecting worse numbers. At the start of the campaign, 33% were determined not to receive the vaccine”; Then of the 31.4% of the vaccine is an experimental drug and the vaccinated people act like guinea pigs, as emerged from the recent Censis report “because we have not yet been able to explain where the experiment ends and where the normality of the observation is on large numbers, we are now 15/12 per cent, so between Yes it is experimental but I would do it anyway “there was a gain.” So half an hour more On the Rai3 website, Commissioner Vigliolo’s scientific advisor, Guido Rassi, says that “the problem is serious because we were not able to anticipate the decisions made on the expedition with an account of the reason for the decision.”

Rasi recalled when he wrote in May 2020 to “all European governments what problems can occur with this vaccine which, by its nature, cannot completely cover transmission of the virus and infection even in vaccinated people. It is a narrative that can be covered. But what is more serious” , continues Rassi, ‘Background which leads to a chain that we then get to 30%.’ Rassi insists that science must be repositioned and its credibility restored, with all the flaws of the scientific community as well. There is today ‘modern fiction that has developed after ten years of counter-fiction, or on the Less than unmanaged free imagination.” So the role of social media as well as the importance of balancing information for example “when side effects appear with high emotional impact and ten inverters are not said to die with the helmet.”

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