I’ve waited so far me Eurojackpot winning numbers 9? We then let you know that you are in the right place and that by scrolling down this page you will find the answers you have been looking for! The seven numbers that will make up the new winning combination for Friday Night’s game are actually available for accurate verification and just waiting to be compared to the numbers on your game card.

Many are waiting to see if the blindfolded goddess has appeared among some European competitors who clearly expect to be able to celebrate the fateful “5 + 2”. At this point in the game it will be possible to find out if the evening was lucky and by how much. In addition to pronouncing the numbers on these web pages, you can also do a thorough check through other channels including SisalTV, the game’s official app, the official website and the Monopoly and Customs Agency portal where this will be possible. Soon also discover the possibilities of the evening. good luck! (Updated by Emanuela Longo)

EUROJACKPOT Draw the winning numbers today 4 March 2022

winning combination

17-1 – 36 – 49 – 20


6 – 9

(The Eurojackpot winning numbers published on the official website of the state monopolies, we decline any responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers of the competition, and invite you to check directly on the website of the monopolies and / or in the receivers)


The date will return with the match early in the evening, Friday, March 4th Eurojackpot Which promises to give new feelings with its rich winnings at hand. The weekly lottery, which brings together competitors from 18 European countries, will have a double date from this month. It will happen from next March 29, in addition to the drawing on Friday, there will also be one on Tuesday evening, and therefore there is a possibility of double the chances of getting a rich prize.

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Before figuring out how to play Eurojackpot, let’s find out what exactly happened seven days ago, on the occasion of the previous draw. No competitor made it to the fateful ‘5 + 2’ resulting in further jackpot growth due to today’s drawing, which is resuming well 57 million euros. However, in the previous competition, the nine players, by hitting “5 + 1”, would have received €315,645.30 each thanks to the winning combination. Our country was also celebrating: a lucky competitor from Bari, scoring “5 + 0”, took a win of about 195 thousand euros! How can you guarantee yourself the chance to nest a nice egg tonight?

EUROJACKPOT: How to play, the rules

The blindfolded goddess is, as we know, unpredictable but this evening she can return to peek the occasion new extract from Eurojackpot. Starting at 20.00 all attention will be on the winning numbers in the new contest, but in the meantime, how can we complete the game and try our luck? The new evening jackpot just got more interesting, so why not bet on your lucky numbers?

It is enough to put 5 numbers out of 50 and 2 euros out of 10 on your ticket at a cost of 2 euros per game, which can be made in the trusted classic betting shop, online after opening a game account or via the official application. Twelve in all winning categories that can allow you to get a nice nest egg. Finally, remember that the peculiarity of the game lies precisely in the fact that you always have a jackpot for the millionaire even if the whole group is intercepted tonight. Next week will always start from 10 million euros!

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