Armani reigns supreme in Greece with ultimate thrill – OA Sport

Armani reigns supreme in Greece with ultimate thrill – OA Sport

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21.56 Our live stream is over here, thanks for following us up for the moment, good follow-up to the evening with the match report on OA Sport.

21.54 Despite the excitement in the final, Olympia Milan beat Panathinaikos. The top scorer in the league is Nimaja Nedovic with 19 points, and the best of Armani is Malcolm Delaney with 15 points.

It ends here! Milan Olympics consumes Oka!

75-76 1/2 Heinz who misses the second voluntarily.

Haynes has a rebound error with 1 over the clock, a very impressive final.

75-75 Nedovic scores a tie 12 from the end.

73-75 Two Free Macon.

71-75 Nedovic out of three, Panathinaikos dropped to -4 with 55 to play.

68-75 smash your hips! With help from Delaney.

68-73 Macon position, 2’12” on the watch.

66-73 2/2 Macon.

An error from Millie who sends Macon to the line.

64-73 Lift by Hall for Millie finding Retina, 2’40” to play, extra teams.

64-71 Triple from Nedovitch.

61-71 curly! Basic basket at 3’21” from former Siren Virtus Bologna.

61-69 1/2 Macon, 4’32” to play.

Delaney’s offensive bounce on Macon with Olimpia in bonus for free.

60-69 1/2 kavadas.

Hines sends Kavvadas over the edge, and protests from the Oaka crowd calling out the unsportsmanlike.

Nedovic’s foul on Hall’s departure is Bana’s third (and Serb’s third personal) foul in the last quarter.

59-69 Nedovitch put.

57-69 Heinz leans on the glass, +12 Milan, Panathinaikos timeout.

57-67 2/2 Rodriguez.

A Macon error sending Rodriguez to the line, is the team’s second violation for Panathinaikos in the fourth quarter.

57-65 2/2 Kavvadas.

Foul by Melli on Kavvadas, Milan in bonus 7’15” to play for free.

55-65 Rodriguez assists Melle as he leans on the glass.

Ricci was able to keep Milan’s movement alive by winning a counter throw.

55-63 2/2 Casillakis.

An error from Daniels who sends Kaselakis to the line.

53-63 Kavvadas performs well in the low shaft and performs in a semi-hook.

Start the last fourth and fourth!

The third fourth end!

Excellent defense for Milan, who regained the ball with 8 points on the hour from the third quarter.

51-63 vacant extra inside from former Barcelona.

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51-62 Delaney! Basket with error Evans, potential game for three players.

51-60 Papagiannis takes a position under the basket and coaches Priftis’ team back under the double number of disqualification.

49-60 change of direction by Rodriguez who made Olimpia +11 (maximum advantage). Panathinaikos’ time is up.

49-58 hole position.

49-56 brought Mele +7 back to Milan with 3’24” to play in the third quarter.

49-54 Nedovitch placement.

47-54 Mitoglu leans on the board.

47-52 St. Ross raises the parabola in the breakout.

45-52 Daniel more than three!

40-47 Triple by Daniels! 7’16” to play in the third quarter.

40-44 2/2 for a Cuban who grew up in Italy.

Foul by Daniels who awarded three free throws to St. Ross.

38-44 Daniels takes two shots from the corner and achieves them with the help of the iron.

38-42 Irregular Hall block against white and basket confirmed, 8’34” in the third quarter.

36-42 Millie basket validated at the end of the 24th.

The second half begins!

20.45 19-14 and 17-26 Partial of the first half that Olympia Milan closed by four points at Oaka Stadium in Athens on Panathinaikos. Top scorer Malcolm Delaney with 12 points, the best in the Greek club is Okaru White who closes at 9 after the first 20 minutes of the game. See you soon for the second half story on OA Sport.

The first time ends!

36-40 Rodriguez with three! 15″ on the stopwatch.

36-37 Triple White.

33-37 Crush the hall! +4 Milan.

33-35 Ritchie leans on board, Olympia advantage.

33-33 ranked by Hines, tied, 1’51” at halftime.

33-31 curl of three! AX Armani Exchange belongs to one unfavorable property. Dimitris Privets timeout.

33-28 triple in white.

30-28 Rodriguez found Heinz leaning against the glass from the center of the area.

30-26 2/2 Ross St.

A mistake by Ricci sending Sant-Roos to the line for free.

28-26 Delaney with a position from the center of the region.

28-24 2/2 Macon.

A foul by Tarczewski on Macon and Milan in a free bonus.

26-24 curly triple! -2 Olympia is 5’14” to play before the long interval.

0/2 Tarczewski.

An error from Kavvadas who sends Tarczewski to the line.

26-21 Lost in Milan and Panathinaikos goes on a counterattack with St. Ross who finds immersion.

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24-21 Kavvadas Half Hook.

22-21 Olympia’s counterattack was closed down by Delaney which reached double digits.

22-19 1/2 Ross St.

An error from Mitoglou sending Sant-Roos to the line.

21-19 triple by Delaney! Milan at -2.

21-16 Delaney immediately responds from the other side.

21-14 was made by ex Evans.

The second fourth begins!

The first fourth endings!

14-19 2/2 Nedovitch.

Grant foul sends former Nedovic to the goal line.

Milan throw-in 27 to close the first quarter.

17-14 Rodriguez evokes the proverb that he enters leaning on the glass.

17-12 Triple Grants! Just entered the field.

17-9 Kaselakis central triple, Panathinaikos maximum advantage at +8.

0/2 hall.

A mistake by Bochoridis sends Hall to the line with a 3’12” on the clock in the first quarter.

9-14 Kaselakis complex half-hook finds the retina from the center of the area.

12-9 2/2 for the four-time Euroleague champion.

Foul by Kaselakis on Hines, Panathinaikos in Bonus, Free.

12-7 hack by Nedovic who depends on the scoreboard.

10-7 3/3 Delaney.

McConne misses Delaney in the line with three free throws.

10-4 hat-trick from Nedovic, 5’20” to play in the first half.

7-4 Hall mode.

7-2 2/2 hall.

An error by Nedovic who sends Hall to the line.

7-0 Another dunk by Papagiannis, this time with the rise of Macon, timed out by Ettore Messina.

5-0 inside the bonus free range, 7’28” on the clock from the first quarter.

4-0 white leans on the board to find retinal hole and foul.

2-0 Papagiannis proves the first two points of the evening in the basket.

Let’s go! The second ball!

19.57 ores, Panatinaikos: Macon, Ndovic, White, Kasilakis, Papagiannis; Olympia Milan: Hall, Delaney, Mitoglos, Millie, Daniels.

19.55 Referee team: Sreten Radovic, Carlos Cortes and Sasso Petek.

19.50 Olympia Milan arrives in Greece without Gigi Datum. The blue wing is suffering from inflammation which is not currently cause for concern in the medium to long term. Shavon Shields and Riccardo Morashini are absent.

19.45 Men’s warm-up coach Ettore Messina:

19.40 Warm-up for Panathinaikos players:

19.35 Ettore Messina returned to the arena in Greece after losing to Olympiacos:

19.30 Good evening friends and friends of OA Sport and welcome to a live broadcast from Panathinaikos-Olimpia Milano, the match is valid for the 28th day of the Euroleague regular season 2021-2022.

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Match preview Panathinaikos-Olimpia Milano

Good evening friends and friends of OA Sport and welcome to a live broadcast of Panathinaikos-Olimpia Milano, a match valid for the 28th day of the Euroleague 2021-2022 regular season. After the victory over the Coppa Italia and the defeat to Olympiacos, AX Armani Exchange returned to the scene in the premier European club competition.

L ‘Olympia Milan from the coach Ettore Messina He returned in the Euroleague from KO suffered at the hands ofOlympiacos (67-58 al Peace and Friendship Stadium Piraeus). Armani was supposed to play the field with him on Tuesday Unix Kazanin a match that was previously postponed and may now be permanently canceled after the decision to exclude all three Russian clubs (the other clubs are CSKA Moscow And the Zenith) from the Euroleague.

The Panathinaikos from the coach Dīmītrīs Priftīs He also returned from defeat in Europe, on Tuesday the Greek team lost 83-96 to Zalgiris Kaunas toOaka ArenaWhich will be the scene of the match again this evening. In the new standings (in which all matches played against Russian teams were cancelled), the Whites and Greens occupy the last place with a record from 6 to 15.

OA Sport brings you the live transcript of Panathinaikos-Olimpia Milano, day 28 of the Euroleague 2021-2022 regular season. Two balls are braided at 20.00 o’clockOaka Arena Athena, enjoy our news in real time.

credit: Ciamillo

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