vintage. Moderate daily consumption prevents cardiovascular disease and mortality. Science says so at the CREA and SIC conference

vintage.  Moderate daily consumption prevents cardiovascular disease and mortality.  Science says so at the CREA and SIC conference

Rome – “Wine has always been considered a supplement to the diet. What has emerged in recent years is no longer a matter of culture and tradition, but above all of scientific evidence.

In fact, controlled studies, randomized studies, and observational studies have shown this unequivocally Moderate consumption, but also regular over time and above all, as included in the Mediterranean diet, in the context of meals, produces beneficial effects in terms of total mortality and reduction of cardiovascular events“.

Pay attention, it is not the “wine world” that confirms this, but the professor Gaetano TanzelliChief Cardiologist at Sapienza University Hospital in Rome, in the context of the conference dedicated to the relationship between a healthy, varied and balanced diet and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, First National Food, Nutrition and Heart Day.

Organized meeting Createswith the president Charles Gaudio President of the SIC – Italian Society of Cardiology Pasquale Peroni-Vilardiwho attended Francesco LollobrigidaMinister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty and Gennaro SangiolianoMinister of Culture.

A powerful message after weeks in which science asserted – after protesting against ban labels in Ireland – that the only harmless amount of wine (and alcohol) was zero. For example, scientist Antonella Viola repeated this (laws) “All alcohol is a carcinogen”; However he contradicts Professor Matteo Bassetti (laws).

At the CREA conference, another step was taken on a very current topic that affects everyone’s health and dietary habits.

President of the Italian Society of Cardiology (SIC), Prof Pasquale Peroni-Vilardi: “The European Society of Cardiology, the most prestigious in the world in terms of member countries and number of members, already in 2021 strongly recommended, in its Prevention Guidelines, the Mediterranean diet, recognized as the only highly protective system for the cardiovascular system. And in it – emphasized Prof. the brilliant – A moderate daily intake of wine is recommended which, even in large epidemiological studies, has been shown to have protective effects on cardiovascular disease and benefit all-cause mortality.“.

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Not just wine

During the symposium, the social and health value of the Mediterranean diet, recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, came to light, focusing on foods and drinks from the great Italian gastronomic traditions. Such as coffee, chocolate, extra virgin olive oil and wine, to learn more about their proper and correct consumption and the positive effects on our health.

The Minister of Agriculture said, “The state must support the quality of agriculture and food processing, allowing citizens to enjoy good health today and in the future. Francesco Lollobrigida -. For generations, proper nutritional education based on the Mediterranean diet has been handed down to us in our families, a model that today risks being distorted by the logic of the market. They educated us on the concept of good and healthy food, but today there is food in fashion.”

That is why, with the support of science, we must provide correct information to people who have the right to distinguish one product from another and choose their diet consciously..

Like create – declare Charles Gaudio, President of the Public Research Authority and Founder of Congress – We wanted to make, together with the leading Italian Heart Association, SIC, a point about the health and preventive effects of a proper and healthy diet. Given the success of this first National Day of Food, Nutrition and Heart, which is a unique and pioneering event in Europe, we will move forward and it will also be repeated in the coming years. Brilliant speakers at this important conference, held in the splendid setting of Spadolini Auditorium of the Roman College – CREA researchers and experts along with university professors and leading teachers of Italian cardiology – highlighted that the Mediterranean diet should be followed more and more from school age. In the right quantities – concludes Gaudio – with the variety and freshness of foods, with their seasonality, with the moderate consumption of extra virgin olive oil and wine in the main meals – thanks to the association of high-quality products typical of territories that are a source of cultural and social wealth – the Mediterranean diet is the style of food that has shown the most than any other kind that produces great health benefits, as has been proven by the longevity of the Italians.”

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Gaetano TanzelliAnd Chief Cardiologist at Sapienza University Hospital in Rome

Pasquale Peroni-VilardiAnd President of the Italian Society of Cardiology (SIC)

Charles Gaudiohead of the search establishment

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