Drama Giulia Pauselli: The Amici Dancer Woke Up in the Worst Way How Bad

Drama Giulia Pauselli: The Amici Dancer Woke Up in the Worst Way How Bad
Giulia Pauselli – solospettacolo.it (Source Instagram)

“Amici” dancer Giulia Pauselli shared a complete failed adventure on social media: the shameful episode freezes fans.

Julia Boselli A mainstay of Amici’s dance segment, she also made headlines for her brief relationship with colleague Stefano DiMartino.

It has long been associated with the dancer Marcellus Sachettaculminating in motherhood in 2022, giving birth to the little girl Romeo Mary.

At first she was afraid of the thought of pregnancy, Julia Boselli admitted: “A nurse asked me if I was afraid, and I answered:I’m desperate, I’m a dancer!’ … I continued to cry, and afterward he told me that when my son was born, I would not be afraid. Then I thought that many would like to have a child, but they cannot... “.

Currently, Giulia Baucelli seems to have overcome any reservations about her new status, and is sharing the joys of fatherhood with Marcelo Sakcetta. As proof of this, the couple has published several snapshots and videos on social networks, also in the company of little Romeo Maria and the family dogs. Apparently, nothing could affect the serenity of the dancers…but you know, The unexpected is always around the corneras evidenced by the choreographer’s recent Instagram story …

Thieves ransacked Giulia Boselli and Marcello Sacchetta

In the past few hours, Marcello Sacchetta has posted a pithy shot on his Instagram account. The dancer showed her followers pictures of his light gray car. However, without the canonical wheels.

As evidenced by the inscribed jeweler’sMonday is goodThe two dancers experienced a sensational robbery just one step away from their home. actually criminals Remove the four wheels of the car, Then he rested the car’s staples on ordinary bricks, and hastily abandoned the crime scene. Stunning robbery thrills again The problem of petty crime Organized, indiscriminately affecting both rich and less well-off families, and also poses a danger to the physical safety of citizens.

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Marcello Sacchetta screenshot from Instagram - solospettacolo.it
Marcello Sacchetta screenshot from Instagram – solospettacolo.it

The relationship between Giulia Pauselli and Marcelo Sacchetta

On the other hand, the young couple appear more solid and conniving than ever, enjoying the arrival of the baby home. Romeo Maryand keeping their fans updated on upcoming projects and daily activities.

In a recent post halfway between seriousness and half-joking, Giulia Pauselli dedicated a touching post to her partner, uploaded a photo of the two to Instagram, and added at the bottom of the shot: “The best shoulder you can lean on, especially when you’re having sleepless nights (and days). The best dad in the world!“.

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