Where are the aliens? Some possible answers for Enrico Fermi

Where are the aliens?  Some possible answers for Enrico Fermi
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A representation of a possible advanced extraterrestrial life form

As we have already seen in an earlier article in 1950 Enrico Fermi He asked himself a question: if there are hundreds in the universe Thousands of galaxiesinside it Hundreds of thousands of stars, some of them contain planetary systems with potentially habitable planets, so where are the inhabitants of these worlds? Why didn’t we communicate with them or their signals?

In fact, since these are large numbers, the an opportunity The connection to other intelligent life forms should be large enough, however it has not been confirmed yet no scenes And there is no signal.

the only abnormal signal whose nature is not yet known is the so-called Wow sign 1977.

Certainly in asking this question, Fermi nevertheless obtained a conclusion: to stir up discussion, To trigger a scientific comparison. Indeed, during these 70 years, many scientists have tried to find a solution to the Fermi dilemma by developing more than others Several theoriesFrom the most pessimistic to the most optimistic.

Earth scarcity hypothesis

Let’s start seeing that more passive Of all, which type according to which it was possible to develop multicellular forms of life on Earth thanks to the combination Incredibly unlikely both events and circumstances Astrophysicist that Geologist. This takes the name “Scarcity-Earth Hypothesis” and answers the Fermi question that extraterrestrial life forms evolved It is not common at allrare if not unique.

According to this hypothesis, the emergence of complex life forms required a whole series of Accidental and fortunate circumstances astrophysics: galactic habitable zone, central star of a planetary system located (at least partially) in an uninhabited region; Combined with several subtle geological conditions: an adequately sized planet with a magnetosphere and plate tectonics, suitable chemistry for the lithosphere, atmosphere and oceans.

However, this is not the only hypothesis.

Civilizations with a very short lifespan

See another theory instead maybe Advanced civilizations develop but these have a short lifespan For natural and cultural reasons. This theory certainly comes from observing our own personal development and universals The fact that civilizations naturally tend to for extermination.

He has actually been human for a long time means necessary to end their very existenceNot only that, to reach this level of development, we have exploited and polluted the planet to some extent Weather conditions change that favored our development.

So are civilizations They grow and destroy very quickly To be able to come into contact with other civilizations that arose shortly before or shortly after.

Numerous other theories

After another guess, one more sarcasticInstead, he sees that other intelligent life forms do exist but that no they Interested in talking to usprobably because they are more developed and therefore consider us unimportant.

Or they exist, but they exist for the time being Far away in both space and timeso we haven’t yet been able to catch a signal from them, maybe because they haven’t done space exploration yet, or if they have We haven’t met yet.

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All this, however, with some assumption Somewhat anthropomorphic civilization, with our own ways of working and above all of communicating. However, it is possible that other forms of life may have evolved They have developed different ways of communicating Which we can’t even photograph, and therefore we don’t know how capture and interpretation.

At the moment, none of these theories can be postulated as such Solution to Ferm’s questionMe, so we still don’t know what the answer to your question is”where is everybody?“.

However, at present, none of these theories can be assumed to be true Solution to Ferm’s questionMe, so we still don’t know what the answer to your question is”where is everybody?“.

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