Neil Mulliner turns Palau Sant Jordi into a dopamine paradise

Neil Mulliner turns Palau Sant Jordi into a dopamine paradise
  • Palau Sant Jordi April 20, 2024

Nil Moliner began touring for the album A place of paradise Fill Palau Sant Jordi: Tickets are priced between 34 and 60 euros, and are sold out. It will return in December 2025 to close it. Mulliner told ARA That all the places where he was able to compose songs are places of paradise, but at the moment there is nothing that can compare to Palau Sant Jordi that was given to the craftsmanship of Bonista and the rhythmic diversity of an artist like Coldplay, Macaco, Nathy Peluso and La Pegatina were the same group. To rise to the level of the audience, the singer from Sant Feliu de Llobregat started out with hurricane force, citing Crazy in love Beyoncé with metal to enter My religion. On stage, fifteen musicians and dancers surround the miller, ready to give him a bath of happiness. A big show, with a bonfire, a catwalk and all the musicians in sight.

that it Frontman Unexpected, a sponge that builds artistic character through the accumulation of references that don't always connect. Only in the first half hour did the afrobeat reverberate Two springs I Good dayan epic pop track nothing to sayTouches of sauces A I stayAnd the melodies and rhythms that drink from Texarango A We are birdsA rock with a dative intransitive in the manner of Liva A Idiots I for Let me run away, scratched guitar by Marcel Castelvi as in the dopamine pop of El Canto del Loco. And the rumba and merengue are yet to come… Not everyone can sing a dish like this with the nature of a singer who often takes his voice outside the recommended limits, but he follows Cruyff's principle of going out and having fun infinitely and beyond. And nothing crushes his guitar. “The world is full of wars, but it is also full of good people […]. “Never lose hope or strength to fight for a better world,” he said, summing up the good mood he wants to convey with his music. For Neil Mulliner, more than hope, the next stop is always happiness above all else, and she's not willing to negotiate.

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Neil Mulliner's paradise is vast, with major strings and serpentines, but it also contains the inevitable side of stools, acoustic guitar and thousands of cell phones lighting up Sant Jordi as the audience sings the crucial passages. It is a simulation of the intimacy of acknowledging the vulnerabilities that are nonetheless told from the epic, as it happened in for the last time I Desire doesn't seem so bad to me, And then straight to the poem We buywho played piano until the band interjected a barrage of confetti to turn the whole thing into a conniving Oques Grasses trance.

With this momentum he then fired City lights, with singers Álvaro de Luna and Dani Fernández as guests, faced the final part of the concert with the aim of moving forward, as when he played the drums on a platform in the middle of the Sant Jordi path, while playing an instrumental piece. Remix for He hits From other artists, including Night light By Fico. In another exercise of craftsmanship, he sang Fly high He flies (held by cables) to the main stage where he touches the ground to perform When you're not around (Theme he shares with Lluís Gavaldà on the album). In an atmosphere of increasing joy, he ended the two-hour show by playing more daring dance pieces, such as: Dance I jigIn complete and absolute communication with the audience.

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