Ladies’ Paradise 6 December 24, 2021: Episode

Ladies’ Paradise 6 December 24, 2021: Episode

Ladies’ Paradise Preview December 6 24, 2021

Ladies’ Paradise 6 On December 24, 2021 It is broadcast on Rai 1 in the first vision at 15:55. What happens there Christmas Eve in Heaven? To find out all the details tuned in to Rai 1 channel at 3:55 p.m. or live on RaiPlay. over there Christmas magic spreads in the store. Will the wishes hanging on the tree in the middle of the fair come true this year? Can Christmas ease the tensions that have arisen in recent months?

Here are previews Ladies’ Paradise 6 From December 24, 2021!

Antonella Attili (Agnese Amato) in a scene from episode 60 of “Il Paradiso delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 75 Conspiracy

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Ludovica and Marcelo They now live together. Their love solidifies over time, but it is not without trauma due to the awareness of belonging to different worlds above all. The couple did not expect an invitation from Adelaide for Christmas. It is clear that the Countess suffers – more than it appears – loneliness at Villa Guarnieri.

Dora It has always been one of the most romantic flower. She had been waiting for her contestant for years. So far he has received only disappointments. Christmas is a magical time of year for her, too. Finally, in fact, he managed to pierce a heart Nino. Zakka is a seminarian facing a period of crisis and assessing whether it is appropriate to abandon this path.

Salvatore try to recover I surprise her. Give little Irene a stitched pig Agnes. Could this gift make an Empyrean heart melt a little?

Vittorio He hugs his beloved granddaughter again Serena. In general, the magic of Christmas spreads throughout the entire sky. Gloria She is invited to dinner at the girls’ house and she does not hold back. Next door, in the Amato family, everything is ready: he also takes part in the banquet Armando.

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Ezio makes a marriage proposal a Veronica: Do you want to honor him by becoming his wife?

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