FiraTàrrega 2024, with the game as a leitmotif, will present 51 shows, 33% of which will be premieres

FiraTàrrega 2024, with the game as a leitmotif, will present 51 shows, 33% of which will be premieres

ferratarija 2024, What Which will be held from September 5 to 8 it will be Game com leitmotif I There will be 51 performances, 33% of which will be premieres. “Playing involves finding each other, forming a community, communicating and engaging the audience in the game of experience,” emphasized Artistic Director, Anna Girebet. Gribet The programming for this year’s competition was defined as “pluralistic, contemporary, balanced, reprogrammable and playable”. In this way, It has well-known artists and Sol Pico – which will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary Street 024a large-scale piece that reflects the feeling of loneliness in today’s society Claire Ducreux In his artistic farewell from the stages with depths bloom, A delicate visual and dance piece that has its own character centered around gesture and poetry. As is the case with emerging artists com Clara Ingold, Julia Godino, and Alexa Moya, Beside Five offers from the Creation Support Program responsible for Ja Marche, CIA Ferran Orobitge, Collective Labso Cirque, La Corcules and Sergi Estebanel.

53% of the selected companies are of Catalan origin Seven proposals from Leda; 25% of them are from the rest of Spain, specifically from the 8 autonomous communities; 20% are international from 7 countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Ukraine, and the remaining 2% are of mixed origins.

64% of performances will take place in the street; 18% in rooms, and 18% in non-traditional spaces. Among some of the venues, La Paraula will be replicated in Plaça dels Comediants with proposals for poetry, music and theatre; Espai Reguer with five proposals related to the game, and municipal swimming pools with quiet outdoor proposals. In addition, the section will be preserved The unexpected With two suggestions.

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The program is structured into five blocks

he Game With 11 proposals, some of them are high-stakes like the circus show and balance QORQ De Kolektiv Lapso Cirk o He plays) Where Markas Lieberman will perform a solo musical circus show in a children’s park to reflect on the different cycles of life. This blog also contains Toc de fusta and the premiere of his participatory installation the roots With 16 structures and games that will allow you to discover customs and traditions from all over the world.

The second block is entertainment With diverse works such as The Talented Proposal Simple space Of Australian Gravity and Other Myths o Nothing listed From the Canadian Fake Blue Collective that blends circus arts with action as well Garden dove Written by Clara Ingold, it is a humorous monologue about the self-destruction we are immersed in as individuals and as a society.

The third block is life and death With proposals that reflect the human condition like a movie premiere Mothers de Campi Qui Pugui, a love story about how a mother’s illness is transmitted to children, or original work Duck show performance By Lithuanian artist Marija Baranauskaite Lieberman who invites the audience to put themselves in the ducks’ shoes to consider the relationship between animals and humans.

a Folklore and traditions There is dancing and theatrical performance Move mountains By Alberto Velasco or The Dancer’s Proposal Always calls From DDCdansa in Madrid – Daniel Dona on the concept of domestication.

Finally, a Literature and poetryJosep Pedrals will present Carob juice and elderberry oil, A documentary and entertainment approach by Dean Valfogona, while Judit Cortina and Francesc Cuellar will present Tobita, And reciting poetry with techno music from the poetry collection Nine hostile screaming places.

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La Llotja expects about 1,200 specialists

As for Llotja, FiraTàrrega expects around 1,200 professionalsthe same as last year and There will be a confirmed presence of two international delegations from North America and the Lombardy region. As a prominent project there Leda scene Which aims to strengthen the programming of performing arts in the municipalities of Lleida. It should be noted that during the competition 25 activities will be organized for professionals. Natalia Ureta, Executive Director, noted Standardization of the FirTàrrega.Pro digital tool that “allows more than 3,000 professionals from 600 registered entities to connect 365 days a year”.

Mayor Alba Bigwan insisted FiraTàrrega linked the city and its associative, educational and commercial fabric And also Active participation of citizens in presentations While Lleida’s Director of Culture, Albert Turol, emphasized that “FiraTàrrega is one of the main events of Terres de Lleida with an international exposure.”

FiraTàrrega’s 2024 budget is $1.2 millionthis year The 12% (0.5 million) increase in ICEC’s contribution is highlighted. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, July 26 on the website www.firatarrega.comCoinciding with the celebration of FiraTàrrega Revetlla, the event in which the program is presented to the public at large.

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