Do you remember Antonio Gorio’s men and women? Today it is reduced like this

Do you remember Antonio Gorio’s men and women?  Today it is reduced like this

The famous dating show Knight left the scene several years ago, but what happened to him today? Let’s find out together

It was 2015, we were happy and we didn’t know it, it was our only concern But why Antonio Gorio Have you decided to leave the men and women program? “ Everyone remembers the beautiful knight, when the two thrones, classic and more, were still on the air in special moments Without the merger that is happening today.

Antonio Gorio – Solospitakolo

Magnetic look, beautiful chatter, gray hair, and elegant charming Antonio Goriot broke more than one heart during his stay at the Estadio Maria de Felipe. Except that, in 2015 specifically, you decided to leave.

Antonio Gorio and loves

Antonio Gorio attended, as many remember, Barbara de Santi And the Features of Elga, But their knowledge led to nothing. When it turns out that the man is a journalist and a rival writer Giuliano Giuliani Another unforgettable and memorable character from the bar accused him of being on the show just to advertise.

Until, as mentioned, Antonio decided Leave the program For unspecified family reasons. He later returns to announce his engagement to one of the women he met in the studio, Annamaria Pankalo. In fact, the two got to know each other within the show, but the relationship ended, only to resume after the jockey came out.

The two, as a sign of the great love he felt, had intended to fulfill their love dream in 2016, but unfortunately the marriage was skipped. In an old interview at the time a ViviRoma . Magazine The man said: “Today people no longer want to make sacrifices. To continue a sentimental story you have to sacrifice yourself. Today nobody sacrifices themselves anymore. However, now that I am two years, two and a half years, trying to move forward with this sentimental story that I have, let’s see how it ends.” Let’s say it expectations no They are so pinkBut we do our best to the end. The ancient Latins said that victory loves care, Whoever wants to win should pay attention to the details“.

What happened to her today

But it seems that he was right, the predictions were correct. The last photo depicting Antonio and Annamaria together dates back to 2018, after the two of them disappeared from radar. We don’t know what Antonio is doing today, but he certainly doesn’t have a great memory of the experience he had on the show.

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Gorio and Bankalo - Soluspitakulu
Antonio and Annamaria in an old photo on Instagram – Solospettacolo

During an interview with Apulia Magazine A few years ago he declared: “It was a formative experience, it taught me many things that I did not know until that point, for example look over my shoulder, Always be careful, because those who don’t experience it from the inside will never understand it, but we must always Defend yourself from stabfrom people who want to sneak up on you, from those who are envious of the success you’ve had on the field in broadcasting.”

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