Gas and Electricity Prices Rise: How Much Will We Pay From October? Mind boggling characters

Gas and Electricity Prices Rise: How Much Will We Pay From October?  Mind boggling characters

there severe energy crisis that we are going through Inevitable repercussions on our bills Starting this fall.

But how much will we pay from October for gas and electricity utilities? They seem to be mind-boggling characters. Let’s read the details.

Increase in

Gas and electricity bills? How much will we spend this fall? Numbers

speculation However, it is surely an uncontrollable factor in both the international and national market that drives suppliers to increase prices more than is actually necessary on the basis of raw material costs. It affects a lot and maybe a lot too The current social and political situation.

With the Ukrainian war in which the West became increasingly politically involved, socially and militarily. Without forgetting another ongoing crisis, which is the environment, This caused a record drought in the Po River and an overall decrease in hydropower production due to the ongoing drought.

The higher the wholesale price, the higher the protected price. The Codacons define them as “carnage”: extraordinary interference byArreraEnergy, Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority – Effectively prevented the price paid by the model family from doubling in protecting electricity Limit the increase to +59%. Text of the official statement:

“The authority, in order to further curb price hikes on homes and businesses, decided to postpone the necessary recovery of the difference between the budgeted prices for the last quarter and the real costs that occurred exceptionallywhich is also characterized by unusually high increments.”

From October, exorbitant figures for electricity and gas bills are expected

October price hike
  • 53.45 euro cents (81%) procurement costs
  • 1.91 euro cents (2.9%) Retail Marketing
  • 3.85 euro cents (5.8%) Distribution, metering, transportation, transmission and distribution equivalency
  • 0 cent euro (0%) Order Fee
  • 6.80 euro cents (10.3%) Taxes (VAT and excise duty)

How much will the gas bills come in?

different words for GasAgo New calculation method It states that the price of protected customers must be updated At the end of each month based on the actual average prices of the Italian wholesale market. This will serve – Arrera says – There’s not much to underestimate.exceptional levels of market prices”but rather Making supplies to consumers safer. For this reason, billing can become monthly, if the vendor’s systems allow it.

Gas prices can be checked:

  • on
  • Within two working days from the beginning of the following month

Both gas and electric Arrera has asked the government to extend the protected market beyond the January 2023 deadline.

  • General system fee components Cleansed of gas and energy
  • Application of the passive component UG2 To benefit from gas consumption up to 5000 m3/year
  • Reduce the value-added tax on gas by 5%
  • Strengthening Electricity and gas bonus for families with an ISEE of up to 12,000 euros.

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