Giovanna Civitello, how she dressed to take her son to the exams: there is an avalanche of comments

Giovanna Civitello, how she dressed to take her son to the exams: there is an avalanche of comments
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Giovanna Civitello’s Instagram photos inflame followers: José Alberto’s choice of dress for exams displaces the net.

Considered the unofficial First Lady of Public Radio, Giovanna Civitello She has emerged from anonymity thanks to her chatting relationship with the showman Amadeus.

Although the former dancer mesmerized the viewers of “L’Eredità” unforgettable “shockShe owes her notoriety to her famous husband. While setting up the show, in fact, Amadeus had been struck by the showgirl’s attractiveness, and was going to make her give in after a close flirtation.

To date, the conductor is Giovanna Civitello They celebrate 20 years of love and 14 years of marriage who gave birth to his son Jose Albertoand declare themselves partners and more infatuated with each other than ever before.

A bond was also shown during the recent Sanremo event, with Amadeus playing announcer and technical director, his wife and son praising his business from the front row of Ariston’s seats.

Giovanna Civitello on Amadeus: ‘He tends to spoil his kids’

Amadeus and Giovanna Civitello have lived with the teenager for years Jose Alberto And to the delightful Boston Terrier Kira in the prestigious City Life district of Milan, and to the newspaper “Oggi”, they revealed the secret of their long-term marriage.

According to the maestro, the recipe for love is very simple: “The complete absence of selfishness. We have turned to each other, never to ourselves. There is always, and vice versa. Giovanna Civitello agreed: “First come. I always think of him first, then me. Prior to Jose.“. Effective way, The Sebastani-Civitalo couple regards the young scion as an absolute priorityAmadeus stated:I am a free man, and I am raising my children to be free to be whatever they want to beBut according to the former dancer, her husband sometimes tends to be too lenient, and she joked: “He who does not say “no”! who tends to spoil his children; Because it is enough for him that they are polite and respectful. The bad part, the hard part is with school results, she’s letting me do it!In fact, it was Mother Giovanna who accompanied young José to his institute to attend final examsAnd the outfit chosen for the occasion set the network on fire.

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Screenshot of Giovanna Civitillo instagram -
Screenshot of Giovanna Civitillo instagram –

Giovanna Civitillo is natural: simplicity pays off

The brunette girl posted a selfie that was taken inside her car on Instagram, and commented: “Let’s go! Second exam day for my friend!“.

In the shot, Giovanna Civitello wears a basic white T-shirt with a soft cut, loose hair, and bright, natural makeup. Social media users appreciated the casual sobriety of her outfit, some noting: “You are so beautiful!Others appreciated her as a caring and nurturing mother:you are always beautiful!“.

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