March 29, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Cristina Marino, pregnant with a 7-month-old baby girl, on the red carpet with Luca Argentero: photo –

  • The couple are among the heroes Celebrity stalking – stalking
  • Enthusiasts: “It was our honeymoon, a true love getaway.”

Christine Marino Adopt all black. Smiling in front of the paparazzi On the red carpet with her husband Luca Argentero. Pregnant, she proudly displays her 7-month-old baby bump: Between late January and early February 2023, he will have his second child after Nina Speranza, born on May 20, 2020. The 31-year-old Actress, Model and Entrepreneur and the 44-year-old Actor They are among the heroes Celebrity stalking – stalkingthe successful format of Prime Video, streaming on the Amazon platform starting tomorrow, November 17th.

Christina Marino is 7 months pregnant with a baby bump on the red carpet with Luca Argentero

Christina and Luca welcomed the adventure with great enthusiasm, and it was presented to them on a silver platter. Also in the cast Salvatore Esposito And the Mark D’Amore (stars “Gomorrah – the series”), comedian, TV host and actress Katya Vollisatwo comedy group JackalCiro Priello and Fabio Balsamo as singers Digital And the Irama.

The two, fleeing to Italy, must, like all other famous rivals, maintain their freedom for two weeks, despite their limited economic resources. On their way will be some of the most well-known analysts, professional investigators, cybersecurity experts, analysts, and human trackers from law enforcement and military intelligence.

The couple are among the heroes Celebrity stalking – stalking

Marino and Angerero enjoyed themselves as never before in the engagement. “You forget the cameras are following you. Luca and I had such a great time. I’m glad you get to see a new side of Argentero, he’s always so serious”Christina explains to reporters at the press conference.

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I was treated by Christina like ballast the entire escape – Luke reveals – Live in the spirit of tremendous competition. On the other hand, I lived this experience as a game with an agonist like Cri.

Enthusiasts: “It was our honeymoon, a true love getaway.”

During the recordings, the pair discussed:We had a fight. Couples who don’t fight are boring. In an experience of this kind, it is only natural that the aspects that characterize the spouses emerge. He is more rational and polite, I am more daring and instinctive. We make up. This experience, former Gevinho confirms,It was the honeymoon, the elopement of true love. We got married due to Covid and it was hard to travel around the world. Then between giving birth to Nina and working there was no chance. With “Celebrity Hunt” we made time for ourselves.