Artificial Intelligence: The National Network of High Schools that want to include this specialty in their programs is born

Artificial Intelligence: The National Network of High Schools that want to include this specialty in their programs is born

The idea of ​​including the topic of artificial intelligence in school curricula begins in the far north-east of Italy, specifically from the “Bunarrotti” secondary school in Monfalcone, where Dean Vincenzo Kaiko He also talked about creating a real network of schools that intend to offer educational courses to their students on this subject.

Vincenzo Kaiko explains it Data science and artificial intelligence They are scientific disciplines closely related and related to other fields of knowledge such as mathematics, natural sciences, humanities, and economics, which together represent the most interesting frontier of new information and communication technologies.

Integration of the study of data science and artificial intelligence into the high school track – Monfalcone School Principal adds It can allow male and female students to gain important basic knowledge in rapidly expanding fields of science and technology, both in terms of broadening their cultural background and in terms of orientation towards university studies. The study of these two disciplines also allows for logical development – mathematical skills, analytical and abstract skills, ability to solve problems and creativity, in an interdisciplinary and mutually enriching relationship both with mathematics, physics and the natural sciences, and with the humanistic disciplines.”

There are currently four Italian schools that have independently started secondary school curriculum studies with the aim of data science and artificial intelligence: these are Maserati High Schools in Foggera, Volta in Reggio Calabria and Galilei in Trento.

At Buonarroti, at the end of a five-year course in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, female students, in addition to achieving learning outcomes common to all high school courses, will develop skills related to statistics, probability calculation, analysis and critical interpretation of data, communication, abstraction, and problem solving. They will also be able to develop simple machine learning algorithms and consciously use neural networks to implement simple AI systems. Discussing interdisciplinary thematic cores with philosophy, natural sciences and language disciplines will also be very interesting.

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Having started this experiment, at the suggestion of Buonarroti, the National Network of Secondary Schools, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is about to be born in order to link these experiences with the aim of enhancing and supporting them through comparison and cooperation between schools on methodological and teaching, teacher training, organizing media and cultural events and experiences Helpful educational for students.

All school institutions that have already started or intend to start within one year of second-class secondary education courses from a scientific secondary school (ordinary, international, applied or sports oriented) or a classical secondary school (normal or European) can join the network with the curriculum Curriculum bends are characterized by the introduction and/or improvement of information technology.

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