June 7, 2023

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Isola dei Famosi Preview for tonight’s episode, Monday 6 June 2022

Tonight, the 22nd rendezvous with the 16th edition of Celebrity Island, was conducted by Elari Blasey with Nicolas Savino and Vladimir Luxoria.

today, Monday 6 June 2022early in the evening Channel 5the twenty-second date with Celebrity Island The program is produced by Mediaset In cooperation with banegay italy. To comment on the episode with the host Elari BlaseyAnd the Vladimir Luxury And the Nicolas Savino

Isola dei Famosi Preview for tonight’s episode, Monday 6 June 2022

During the episode they will reach Playa Balaba Two special guests: vera gemma And the Soleil rise. The pirates They will have the task of creating two teams – Team Vera and Team Soleil – in order to protect their favorite outcasts and instead give a hard time to those they don’t like.

Ex-untouchables will be present in the studio Gwendalina Tavasi And the Alessandro Iannone: Hilary Blasey would need their complicity to organize a joke A Carmen de Petro and one for Eduardo Tavasi. Guests too blind And the Lycia Nunez.

one in between Estefania Bernal And the Laurie Del Santo will have to give up palapa to reach Playa Sigamadisima.

and only Playa Sigamadisima You will collide with the judiciary Pamela Petrrollo To remain as a lone pariah. This was determined by viewers’ vote across four channels: Mediaset Infinity app, website, Smart TV, and SMS.

At the end of the episode, there is an unexpected novelty that will surprise the outcasts: they will have to leave Playa Renovada at same time A new and inhospitable beach Where they start their life on the island from scratch.

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Finally, a space for New Recommendations coordinates from two thousand.

Celebrity Island It will be on the air again Monday 13th June.

twenty tow The famous island episodeWe are waiting for you tonight starting at 21.40 days Channel 5.

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