Sensational Carlo Conte: the former partner is back at his side

Sensational Carlo Conte: the former partner is back at his side
Carlo Conte, next to him is the former metropolinotizie partner

The historical precedent appears next to Carlo Conte: what happens in the life of the Rai captain?

Charles Conte It is one of the symbolic symbols of Rai. After the success achieved at the helm San Remo FestivalState TV continued to commission shows that gave it a huge victory in terms of ratings.

Now to the behavior That and that appearCarlo Conte divides himself between television and private life, devoting most of his time to it Wife Francesca Vaccaro and son Matteo.

But the news of the conductor’s rapprochement with his ex-lover has only been in the last few hours: here’s what’s going on.

Carlo Conte, between television and private life

Carlo Conte, after his debut as a radio host, made it to television and has been linked to Rai since the early 1980s. His career was a series of experiments that showed his talent as an artist, and year after year, state television decided to entrust him with increasingly important programmes. The consecration came with the organization of the Sanremo Festival – of which he was also Artistic Director from 2015 to 2017 – and from that moment on Carlo Conte’s name was included in the Olympus of the Best Certified Public Service Leaders.

Since 2012 at the helm of Tale e Show, another huge entertainment program on Rai 1 Prime Time, Conti works alongside his wifeFashion designer Francesca Vaccaro. A trusted collaborator and advisor, it was she — at least according to what was leaked by Oggi Weekly — who gave her husband the go-ahead to return to television. One of his historical girlfriends, Roberta Morris. The latter could be one of the competitors in the next edition of this offer.

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Roberta Morris, former partner of Carlo Conti_metropolinotizie

Carlo Conti alongside the ex

The return of Roberta Morris to television could create Not a little embarrassment in the studio Given past feelings with Carlo Conte. But many years have passed since their love and Maurice herself commented in an interview: “It’s been a long time now and there were no conflicts. Our relationship is the former classic relationship. We haven’t heard from each other for a long time, there is mutual respect that hasn’t changed.

Thanks to this mutual appreciation, Morris was able Back to TV next to Conte And it was the conductor’s wife who gave her consent, sure of the love that bound them and not at all jealous of Roberta.

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