Details that terrified his fans

Details that terrified his fans

She's one of the greats Music scene icons From our country we can say that Little He has interpreted the most famous classics Pop rock in Spanish. Who does not know the letter L? “black and white” s “someone who learns a trade”? Her music is history, and so is she. After watching them until the soup in stages and as trainer From dozens of editions The Voice Kids– The singer took Career break To give it to herself. He fell madly in love with Dr“Albert Rivera, The former leader of the Ciutadans, with whom he will have his first daughter in 2020. Four years later, he exploded The estrangement between the two And Malo will return to the music to tell us everything drama. At the end of the year, the singer released an album and announced what everyone had been waiting for: See her at the party. The tour kicked off this weekend and netizens revealed all the details. attentive.

Malú returned to music with the theme “absent” A song she narrated Complete break with the former politician. Almost like a session throat And Shakira, but in a more discreet and traditional style. She is already a veteran artist, and for her new album, the Madrid native has brought together all her classics in the company of great friends in the industry such as Manuel Carrasco, Alejandro Sanz or Niña Pastore. I titled it “Yes to everything” Shortly after the premiere, he announced the first dates for his film Back to the stage. The first stop to start the tour was at Rockets de Mar, where he performed all weekend. Return to the stage with many new features and Unexpected details. Aside from reinterpreting his first songs, Malu surprised fans with a new gift. New round, new ammo and we Promotion.

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Like all music stars Little She has her own T-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, pens… Wow, the memory of the concert and the singer. A Rockets concert attendee posted for the first time all the details of the start of the tour. Among other things, Official store With the new collection of shirts. The network commented on it, The design is terrible. The colors are rather surprising, and if we tie it to the cover colours, there's not much to it hang in there. But worst of all is the font and typography. It appears to be intended as a campaign for children. Two of the t-shirts bear the lyrics of the artist's most legendary songs and cost frivolity Twenty-five euros. We can also see a group of Tote bags And the bracelets are the same Promotion Suitable for full pockets and empty minds. it's scary.

The network was quick to comment on the design: “But what is this?” some ask. After further researching all the products, we realized that this collection had to be the first of its kind. There is no trace of these shirts on the Internet. On the singer's official page, we only see four T-shirts bearing the title of the previous album. There is no trace of the fuchsia shirt with the letter attached. They must not have taken the step of publishing it in the store yet Connected And after seeing the reviews. I don't know if they will dare to put it on sale in the official store.

Malo official store

In the picture, you can see the store is full of all the products, and I'm sure they didn't even sell half of the products. The design is ridiculous and the prices don't match. Malu still have time to retreat.

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