It’s over, Belen Rodriguez and Antonino. “Where They Caught Him”, a devastating and unexpected epilogue – Libero Quotidiano

He had already moved Antonino SpinalbesPlease put it on the door Belen Rodriguez. After a romantic weekend in Paris, which was supposed to contribute to the reconciliation of the spouses after weeks of turmoil, the situation will certainly accelerate. As reported by Gossip Gate WhoopiIn fact, Milan’s hairstylist appears to have “moved to a new house, different from the one he shared with the Argentine showgirl”.

Pinched alone in the garden with his little daughter Luna Maro, who Antonino and Belen had last July, the boy (practically unknown to gossip until the summer of 2020, when he surprisingly triumphed over Rodriguez’s heart aching yet again and talked a lot about breaking up with Stefano Di Martino) He must also swallow another disappointment often savored by his partner: the Argentine in the past few hours has “unfollowed” her on Instagram. Among the technical lexicon, Pelin actually no longer follows Spinalbese, an unmistakable sign of a crisis that, just like the beginning of their relationship, continues on social networks between clues and encrypted messages. Both have, in fact, never released interviews or public statements about their relationship, through thick and thin.

Everything suggests that there is no possibility of reconciliation between the two hearts. The mystery, still dense, remains about the causes that led to the crisis. The only constant point, if we can say that in the ultra-smooth world of gossip, is that she would have decided to end it all.

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