The confession displaces Antonella Clerici

The confession displaces Antonella Clerici

to Today is another day A shocking confession comes from the winner The Voice Kidsthe program he hosts Antonella Clerici. The winner of this edition is Melissa Alguiton. After talking about her experience on the show, Melissa told a background that left the Rai Due afternoon presenter silent. Everything could have happened at school: “Not everyone was happy, I have to be honest,” the girl would say.

Then it outburst: “Some women just said ‘good’ to me and among other things they made fun of me for being fat”. At this point, Serena Bortone would have intervened and would have encouraged the winner of The Voice by saying that this victory also serves to restore self-confidence: “Yes, this victory has helped me to be more confident in myself,” said the young competitor on the Antonella Clerici show.

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Then the winner on The Voice revealed why she was chosen as a coach Loredana BertieShe added, “I love Loredana’s very special tone. I chose it because she was my favorite coach.” In short, now that the victory is over, Melissa is enjoying the victory and is ready to resume her career in school but also in the world of music.

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