The Cadillac Escalade, the star SUV for the rich and famous, is now electric and €20,000 cheaper.

The Cadillac Escalade, the star SUV for the rich and famous, is now electric and €20,000 cheaper.

There are certain models in the automotive industry that, even if they are not sold in many markets around the world, can boast of being real references in the industry. A good example of this is Cadillac Escaladea huge car with huge dimensions that happens to be one of the favorite choices of most VIPs in the United States who see in it the typical American model that is very luxurious, very spacious and intimidating to the rest.

It's more than clear, and this is exactly the reason why the American brand knows very well that it will not sell many units of this model in the European market, and that this type of car does not succeed on the roads of the Old Continent, among other things. Because the needs of European drivers are very different from those of American drivers, even among VIPs.

But since it couldn't be otherwise given the current market trend, the American manufacturer has chosen to launch a 100 x 100 electric option of this massive model, an electric version that is very likely to become one of the sought-after items for stars and celebrities. from the United States.

The electric version of the Cadillac Escalade is the best

The clear intention is to distinguish this electric version from the combustion versions, a Cadillac They chose to add a small moniker to their name, a strategy followed by other brands as well. In this case it is about Escalade iQIt is a model whose power is more or less 687 hp and can reach more than 760 if we choose the sportiest driving mode.

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One of the most supportive points for this model is that it contains a battery of no less than 200 kilowatt-hours, a battery that allows it to enjoy more than 700 kilometers of electrical autonomy, which is a record for a model of its class considering that it weighs more than 3.5 tons.

It is only necessary to look at the photos of its interior to realize that the American brand has left nothing in the drawer when it comes to luxury, quality and technology, making it one of the best models in this regard.

Its official price is not yet known, but everything indicates that it may be close to 120.000 euros, A price that puts it significantly higher than the basic combustion version but, at the same time, puts it up to 20,000 euros less than the sports version with a petrol engine.

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