Rinaldo, Clara and Clara Pia sparkle among flowers and clouds at Cruïlla Baix Segre

Rinaldo, Clara and Clara Pia sparkle among flowers and clouds at Cruïlla Baix Segre
It's been a few years since Barcelona's Cruïlla Festival decided to expand beyond the traditional summer event held annually in Parc del Fòrum. First, he decided to make his seasonal debut in Barcelona's stadiums, as Cruella Primavera. Last year, he chose to land in other points of Catalan geography such as Battia with Cruella Terra Alta, or Penedes with Reasons. This year, the ante is upped even further with the new Cruilla Baix Segre Festival, which fills the south of Segrià with more than a dozen concerts that coincide with the flowering of the fruit trees.

The first parties of the day arrived just before noon, as did the Rinaldo and Clara In the beautiful Tossal de Carrassumada, in Torres de Segre, where you can see the prosperity of the plantations and the majestic Seu Vella de Lleida far below the horizon. The artist from Lleida was performing in his home region, but the heavy rain that fell throughout Catalonia throughout last night left the concert hanging by a thread until almost the last hour. But fortunately, luck aligned with the artist and he was able to present the new album Mouth watering (Primavera Labels, 2023), which on Thursday, March 14 will receive the Enderrock Award for Best Album of the Year by critics at the 26th Enderrock Awards. Throughout the hour and a quarter of the concert, Clara Viñales and her quartet – made up of drums, bass and pads – were on the safe side and delivered a powerful, well-prepared proposal that did not stray far in terms of the repertoire offered in January at Barcelona's Apollo Hall.

The show started with songs like “Trobo a faltar” and “Finestra” – from the popular 2020 album Love is hot (Primavera Posters) – which showed that Viñals is not only an excellent composer of pop songs, but also a great performer with amazing guitar solos. The live show continued with more tunes such as the radio show “Globus”, “História” or the most popular song Mouth watering: “The River”, where Hugo Alarcón showed off his command of the platforms. Also noteworthy is the song “Gira-sols”, which Viñales performed alone on guitar and vocals. In fact, it was the only theme saved from an already distant debut The fruits of your forest (BankRobber, 2014), which precisely last Monday marked ten years since its publication.

And in the last part of the ceremony Rinaldo and Clara He chose to leave out some of the highlights such as the American indie influence track “Making Friends” or “It's Better on the Street” or the hits Love is hot: “Rodones”, “to get an idea” or the subject of the same name. Undoubtedly, the Lleida quartet proved that they have a show with their own personality and know how to wow the audience whether in a vintage setting like today, or at midnight at a big festival.

Rinaldo and Clara at Cruïlla Baix Segre (03/09/2024) Photography: Sergi Nunez

Clara Pia Piano Meeting in Ituna

The focus soon moved from Torres de Segre to ground zero of the Flower Festival: Aitona, which at noon hosted the concert of Clara Bea In the evening, he received offersAlbert's plan I Stay hummus. It is true that the organization announced yesterday that it would broadcast the ceremony pedestrian From the outside to the inside of a large fruit warehouse. This decision was necessary to celebrate the ceremony, as the temperature was dropping and the four raindrops had once again made their presence felt.

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The pianist from Emporda presented her latest work in just over an hour corsetThis is what the artist herself considers a compliment to imperfection. Although the studio album features 13 different singers, from the likes Silvia Perez Cruz, Ferran Palau s Salvador Sobralin the live show he had Majorcan singer Aina Zanoguera and Argentinian Carmen Asear, as well as Didac Fernandez on drums and Adri Gonzalez on keyboards.

Clara Pia in Cruïlla Baix Segre (03/09/2024) Photography: Sergi Nunez

First, they highlighted themes like “Les flores,” where arpeggios were highlighted pedestrian They shone with their light. “Maldita mi imagen”, which Asyar managed to make himself and capture the deep pain despite the fact that the acoustics of the fruit ship did not favor his expression to the maximum, or “Ángel caído”, where the two voices they filled more than wonderfully and culminated with last Piano solo demonstrated the great interpretive skills of pedestrian. Among these topics, pedestrian She took the opportunity to denounce the “genocide against Palestine” and took off the corset she was wearing under the pretext that it bothered her when she touched it, although she confirmed that Full body A metaphor that borders on the biological and personal level.

The party continued with more songs from this last album such as “Vinetre Seco” and “Abre la Luz” – where Zanoguera left many well-crafted songs – or the most popular piece of the entire work: “Sota les dents”, which was sung Originally for Leo Rizzi. Finally, the concert ended with the song that concludes the album, “Nana para mí”. Although the original sound is unmistakable Silvia Perez Cruzthe band made a great effort to combat the icy coldness of Itona and print the great emotion that the song requires, which of course was appreciated by the audience with a loud applause at the end.

Cruïlla Baix Segre continued this afternoon with more concerts like those of Joan Garriga and the Galaxy Mariatxy, Delavi, Stay hummus I Albert's plan, and showed that decentralization in the territory of Catalonia is absolutely necessary, especially in the case of Terres de Ponent, where the musical offer tends to be concentrated in the summer period. Therefore, we hope that the initiative will continue with future releases and that it will continue to stimulate music in the Catalan language in an environment as unique and unique as that of Baix Segre.

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