Find out how your body reacts if you eat yogurt daily

Find out how your body reacts if you eat yogurt daily

Do you want to know what happens if you eat yogurt every day?@ Click on the image

Memorizes good idea Food starts with Know how to choose the best produce: varied and healthy. the fruitVegetables, fish, eggs, and dairy products are very common foods in the world Mediterranean diet. Its benefits are many You cannot fail in your weekly diet. But today we will focus a lot on en Dairy products, especially yogurt. These foods It is widely consumed, due to its significant calcium contribution; But do you know which one is healthier? It is often recommended to use plain, low-fat yogurtlike him We will take care of our health without Soccer Or added. This food alone Consume before going to SleepsFor dessert or as a snack with some dried fruit or fruit. but, Do you know if it is recommended to take it daily? What will happen to your body? If you eat it every day?

How many yogurts do you consume daily? week Or even monthly? Most people cAssume between 3 and 4 yogurt per weekwhile the Experts I suggest one day would be ideal. Yogurt is one food Rec on nutrients Which proved its existence Protective effects on a variety of Diseases, thanks Fermentation Produced by lactic acid bacteria.

What happens to your body if you eat yogurt daily?

Daily consumption of natural, fat-free yogurt It will bring many benefits to you body. Below we highlight some of them.

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Benefits of yogurt

  • Fights constipation and diarrhea. he Nutritional profile Subordinate yogurt Largely due to “Good” bacteria. Which is added to ferment it.
  • Yogurt too It can improve digestion. next to, Yogurt microorganisms Contribute to conservation Balance of intestinal bacterial florawhich is necessary for Good digestion.

  • Low in calories. The yogurt is excellent Made with nutrientsSo is he High nutritional density Related to Calories What he brings makes him one food Perfect for anyone Diet.

The child enjoys eating yogurt.

  • Proteins contained in yogurt It has a high biological value, making it a useful option, even for those with diabetes Vegetarian diets. Yogurt tooIt is perfect for people who want to preserve it Healthy weight and take care of your heart because Fat-free yogurt does not contain saturated fat Which is in Milk Creative That's why you always have to choose Skimmed and natural yogurt. from here You should avoid colorings and sweeteners Which they carry compact Flavored yogurt or with pieces of fruit.
  • rich in Vitamins I Metals. It is rich in Phosphorus, Potassium, Riboflavin I Vitamins A and DIt contains between 15 to 20% of Recommended daily amount of calciumwhich is essential to maintain one Good bone health In all stages of life. next to, pH Yogurt acid facilitates calcium absorption.

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