Alex Bailey, note at home to Delia Duran / “Left before going out, it’s…”

Repos, the symbol of love between Alex Bello and Delia Duran

Alex BellI never cease to be amazed: ‘Casa Chi’ livestream guest reveals on Instagram he left a note inside a house Big Brother VIPto his wife Delia Duran, kind of puzzle: “Delia has note Which I left before entering: It’s a mystery. Where the rooms hit the black mirror, in that closet where no one can take the black slabs, inside is the symbol of our love. You know where it is and you can find it.” A short while ago, a Parma representative complained of unfair treatment towards his wife since her entry. Indeed, Alex Bailey He expected South Americans to defend their romance as soon as she entered the house. In the episode, last Monday he claimed his special relationship with Soleil rise Accompanied by “Hu” journalists, he affirmed: “The only one who defends me.”

Alex Belle reveals the photo of the note on Twitter…

Alex Bailey Then leave a note inside the house big brother vip And Delia Duran already knows where to find it. A while ago, the Emily actor on Twitter I tried to explain what this was all about, and posted a picture of the note: “Just for the record: This is the riddle given to Delia, for a token forgotten by me I had to give it to her when she came to visit me at a house. I forgot in the rush of the live broadcast!! But now you can Take it yourself, if you like!”. So the ball is in the hand Delia Duran, which, however, in the past few hours does not seem to be inclined to play, on the contrary. his reaction afteran airport Sent by her fans Soleil rise (“Solex is real…always connected”) It was exciting. The South American said while crying that she wanted to end the relationship with her husband.

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