Dancing with the Stars’ Bruno Barbieri leaves the cast

Dancing with the Stars’ Bruno Barbieri leaves the cast

It seems the game is over. Instead, in the end comes a split that you don’t expect. Apparently Bruno Barbieri will not be part of the upcoming cast from “Dancing with the Stars,” even though his existence is now taken for granted. According to what purity stated DagospiaIn fact, he will be a multi-star chef I pulled out at the last minute Due to obligations related to the recordings of his program on Sky Channel “4Hotel”. And now for Millie Carlucci, who will present the new season of “Ballando” starting next October. It will be a big problem Replace “big shot” like Barbieri. Let’s see the details.

Dancing with the Stars: Bruno Barbieri leaves the cast

Bad news for Millie Carlucci. Obviously, his show Dancing with the Stars is starting without a big name. The second backstory was revealed by Dagospia, Bruno Barbieri was forced to withdraw his participation To Ray 1. It seemed like it was made just for him, but an unforeseen event at the last minute, unfortunately, destroyed the bank.

The most popular chef on Italian television, who rose to fame as a judge on “MasterChef,” has been announced as one of the confirmed names in the next cast of “Dancing with the Stars.” He could have been Bruno Barbieri, with his sarcastic verve and frank manner of acting The cherry on the cake For the Millie Carlucci programme. But unfortunately, Roberto D’Agostino’s website revealed Bruno “He will have to give up dancing on Rai 1 Because they expected 4Hotel records.”

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It’s a big deal for Millie Carlucci, who will now have to work overtime Find a suitable alternative By Chef Barbieri. Meanwhile, nine contestants have already been announced (and confirmed) in the cast of the next “Ballando” movie. Paola Perego and her colleague will be there Simona VenturaSinger Bobby Solo, director Ricky Tognazzi, journalist Antonio Caprarica at Tg1 channel, and the wife of Fabrizio Frizzi, Carlotta Mantovan. But also host Teo Mammucari, journalist Giovanni Terzi and presenter Rosanna Lambrocchi.

Instead, there is a wait for understanding Who will be the jury?. For seven years the names remained the same: Ivan Zazzaroni, Guillermo Marioto, Fabio Canino, Selvagia Lucarelli and Caroline Smith. But Millie Carlucci announced this in an interview with Davide Maggio No jury member has been confirmed yet. But October is just around the corner, and the broadcaster will have to announce her options soon.

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