“I Died an Octopus”: Gamera in a moody key

“I Died an Octopus”: Gamera in a moody key

The hundred years Angel Gumera dies This will be commemorated Saturday To friends of the arts (from 8:15 pm). In fact, the Fem Sala cycle features “He mort el pop”, a friendly parody on the world and characters of the gamera.

“It is not a work of Gemera, but a new dramaturgy, about the work of Gemera,” explains Miralda, “written by Luis Anton Bolinas and directed by Mark Villavilla.”

In fact, this is the work they produce annually collectively from the Catalonia Theater Network (XTAC). The 30 affiliated scenic spaces will program it throughout 2024. In fact, Terrassa's status is almost unprecedented: it is the first performance to tour the network's theatres, after having premiered last Sunday at the Teatre de Sarrià (Barcelona).
In previous years they provided “Mister Esteve's Pheasant” (Four for Theater, 2017), 2018), “October Songs for Freedom” (A Group Vocal, 2019) ed “Concert at the White House” (La Dressera, 2023).

A moment in the play

The company responsible for this year's implementation is Apunta Teatre. “I'm a dead octopus” It brings together three of the author's most relevant pieces: “Mar i cel” (1888), “Maria Rosa” (1894), and “Terra baixa” (1897), in a deconstruction of each of the texts with a comedic treatment.

Contemporary classics

“We intend to approach Gemera’s prolific career from another point of view, that of contemporary classics,” the company explains. “Doing so with the author's recurring themes, such as emotional conflicts, rebellion against established powers, and women's empowerment,” they add.

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A global proposal that aims to bring Gemera's work closer to today's audience with a comedic tone.

In the same way that companies visit Terrassa, Terrassa also visits small theaters throughout the region. In fact, the Amics de les Arts Theater Group This Sunday, he will present the play “Dead Man Behind the Door” at the Center D Theater Santa Perpetua (18 hours). On February 18 they will be a St. Quers On February 25 a Sant Feliu de Guixols.

“I died an octopus”: Gemera in a humorous tone

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