“Lerici reads the sea.” Not just literature. Focus on the environment, science and history

“Lerici reads the sea.”  Not just literature.  Focus on the environment, science and history

An event that gives prestige to Lerici and its maritime history, so much so that these days, in fact, the facade of the building of the Ligurian district of Genoa is completely covered with images of “Lrici reads the sea”, which will take place in the village of La Spezia from tomorrow to Sunday. A review of maritime literature and culture, sponsored by Bernardo Ratti, President of the Maritime Mutual Aid Association, in collaboration with the Municipality of Lerici and Sviluppo Turistico Lerici.

“We are proud to have reached the eleventh edition,” says Ratti. “Many exhibitions have been inspired by us, and they are the first of their kind to be held in Italy.” Each edition offers new books, also thanks to the invaluable advice of Lucrezia Ricci from the library of the same name in La Spezia, as well as current, environmental and historical topics. Among other things, problems caused by hot fronts in the Mediterranean and Ukraine with the remote testimony of the “Avner” correspondent Nello Scavo and Admiral Vittorio Alessandro. The environmental and scientific part is very important: we will start with Paola Catabano, responsible for science communication at CERN, on her expedition to the North Pole on the Nobile Trail. Then a round table on the defense of the sea, moderated by Fabio Giacomazzi, with Giuseppe Soaria (Ismar President), Paolo Guidetti (Parco 5 Ter), Eleonora Landini (Parco Montemarcello), Chiara Lombardi (Enea), Marcello Magaldi (Ismar President). ), Lorenzo Merotto (Portofino Marine Area) and Marta Musso (biologist).

We’ll talk about new ‘alien species’ in our seas, as well as the climate changes students have seen, with meteorologist Andrea Corigliano, along with marine biology workshops for kids (and others). There will be no shortage of great maritime history, with Professors Giacomo Montanari and Antonio Mussarra, while at the conclusion of the three days, an interesting appointment in the Ex Votos maritime programme, with Ratti. who has been dealing with it for years, and the director of the Sarzana Diocesan Museum, Barbara Sisti. Several authors: Mario Denton, Marco Liguori, Roberto Mezzacassa, Gian Andrea Rola, Margherita Manfredi, Flavio Testi, Fabio Fiore, Fabio Pozzo, Gabriele de Mauri with their new publications. Books, these and others, can be purchased in the well-stocked ‘Libreria in Piazza’. “Also in this edition – concludes Rati – you will be able to discover the beauty of our lands with qualified tour guides. Then there will be many initiatives for children: short films, workshops, boat races and fishing competitions. 90 years since the conquest “Nastro Azzurro”, just as There will be no shortage of ‘books on board’ sailing ships and the now traditional ‘aperimuscolo’ in the Borgata. There will also be a ‘Lericino’ corner with ‘Marittima’ recognizing the two companies in the historical dialects, the Brisole Company and the Marillontani Company.

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