Ruta Motomami: These are Rosalía's favorite places in Barcelona

Ruta Motomami: These are Rosalía's favorite places in Barcelona

Ruta Motomami: These are Rosalía's favorite places in Barcelona

Let them be bombarded in the Michelin Guide, Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor. Now, the best guide in Barcelona is Rosalía. It's a measure of digital success: if Motomami passes by your company, there will almost certainly be more Flashes registered for you than Ábalos entering the mixed bag. From shoe stores to jewelry stores, these are the hideouts touched by his golden hand.

1. Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine are Rosalía's favorite tapas

Any fan knows that Rosalía, when she is abroad, misses Mediterranean cuisine very much. She passed the potato tortillas and paella through her stoves in Miami, a combination of Spanish foods that Carmen Borrego would dream about every night during her Honduras adventures with Survivientes. It's no wonder that when asked about his favorite bars and restaurants, he offers recommendations where tapas and breaded foods triumph.

I'm sure El Pollo (Tigre, 31) sounds like you. Yes, this Bar Raval was a hit with a simple tweet from the singer: “Best potato omelette in Barcelona, ​​El Bar del Pollo.” Known for its tapas, El Pollo was already one of my favorite bars in the neighborhood. Following Rosalía's words, it also happened to be a meeting point for the city's “Centennial” forces, who turned the small place into a sardine can, like the ones served hanging on the flagpole.

Omelette from El Pollo Bar

Not to die from success, last year they opened a wall-to-wall double bar: La Polla (Tigre, 33). One of the most popular openings of 2023, bringing more space, more bar and more opportunities to try tapas, tortillas, beers and cocktails. By the way, the inauguration that Rosalía celebrated with “tomaaaaaaaa” on Instagram.

Sister bars El Pollo and La Polla on Calle del Tigre are the perfect opportunity to try their famous tapas.

It's not the only restaurant the singer recommended. Also on X (formerly Twitter), he referred to Bar del Pla (Montcada, 5) as one of his favorites in Barcelona. It's another place dedicated to tapas, with a menu that includes pate bravas (which the singer uploaded to “Stories”), croquettes, mussels, tripe, meatballs, cannelloni, fricando, and a long list of other delights.

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Xavi Codina and Elena Boldrini, from La Banxa Kitchen. Photo: Joan Cortadillas

Check out La Panxa del Bisbe (Torrent de les Flors, 158), another restaurant that has received love and praise from the singer. This institution in Gràcia, with almost two decades of activity, has established itself as a temple of good food. There are appetizers and half portions here, all of which contain Zero Kilometer products. It is clear that his palate does not deny its origins.

2. International foods from Italian to sushi

More gastronomic recommendations from Rosalía. This time, international foods. Firstly, Shunka Restaurant (Sagrestans, 5), designed by Hideki Matsuhisa, a Japanese restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. Also on its menu is Xemei (passeig de l'Exposition, 85), an award-winning Venetian restaurant by twins Stefano and Max Colombo. Pasta and seafood are famous here. Seafood cuisine, as subtle as it is exquisite, has not gone unnoticed by the eagle eyes of Saint-Esteve de Cisserovaire.

Some of Shunka's delicious food.

3. The cakes on her Instagram are a pleasure Rosalía – not a guilty pleasure at all

Rosalia loves sweets. And no, not just because of the legendary Bizcochito. His “stories” are easier to pass through cakes than through fruits that pass through Ayusu's mouth. In particular, two pastry shops have become very popular. The first, his cousin Maria, has racked up more than 22,000 “likes” and nearly half a million visits for her own cakes: the cakes and cookies she sells at Let me Bake it, an “online” shop based in her hometown. Singer Saint-Esteve de Cisserovaire. And yes, it's all thanks to Rosalia's comments. A message from him drooling over some candy, and getting a torrent of 'likes' that were not directed by Bayona.

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The second person who has benefited from the singer's love is Gisela, owner of Tartas Bastante Majas (Sant Pere, 19, Sant Adrià de Besòs), who has achieved success on Instagram (with more than 40,000 followers) and TikTok (with almost 300,000 “likes”). on their videos). Their relationship was short but intense: he placed a cake with the words “I'm Going to Kill With You”, from the song Beso, and it became so popular that Rosalía herself shared it in his “stories”. .

4. In the latest jewelry, get your rings

Not only is she famous for her taste, the singer has also established herself as a fashion icon. The list of designers who designed his clothes is longer than the list of “necklaces” that Oscar Puente shot on the networks. From international to local, there are many who have passed through Motomami's closet. Among the most famous of these was the Catalan Adriana Manso, the Plástico de Ley jewelry designer, who attracted the attention of Gaultier himself. Its flagship store, La Manso, is located in Barcelona, ​​at No. 20 Enric Granados.

5. “Vampire” heroes from video clips to fame

Now that he's dating Jeremy Allen White, Rao Alejandro seems to have been forgotten even more about Tony Cantu's political ambitions. However, he leaves to posterity “Vampires,” the chart-topping single they released as co-writers in the midst of a love frenzy. The video follows them on a night route through legendary places in Barcelona, ​​such as Marcella (Sant Pau, 65), a monument to the bohemian Raval in its 200-year history, through which they passed, as well as Motomami, Hemingway and Picasso, among others.

They continue the route at a “hotspot” well known to the parishioners of Razmataz (Almogàvers, 122): the snack bar J. Argilés (Marina, 107), which for decades has been catering to starving drunks (mostly university students) (its energy has been drained Because of the dance floor), which, after Rosalía, experienced a “boom” unheard of in its entire history.

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The couple's night ended, in the video, in the Espai Corberó (Montserrat, s/n, Esplugues de Llobregat), the legendary building of the sculptor Xavier Corberó, with its hundreds of cement and wooden arches that “have become a Catalan jewel”. building. Although the city council has acquired the property and is preparing it for public use, it remains closed, with some exceptions where the council organizes open houses. Most recently, last Christmas.

6. Neighborhoods of the “Main Courier” route through the outskirts of Barcelona

The legendary Malamente and Pienso en tu mirada were recorded in Barcelona and its metropolitan area. Specifically, in the Gorg neighborhood of Badalona, ​​some of Malamente's initial scenes were filmed, a car chase that ends with her being run over. For extreme fans who want to recreate the road “frame” to “frame”, pass through the intersection between Carrer d'Indústria and Antoni Borí (there is the gas station where they invest it), the Pont d'Indústria over the canal, and the intersection between 2 streets Progress and Tortosa.

Sant Adrià, Barberà and l'Hospitalet also host some shots in the two videos – for example, there are dance scenes filmed in the large car park in front of the Baricentro shopping centre. But if there is one scene that became iconic when the album was released (already five years ago…) it is the scene of Nazarene on a skateboard, which was recorded in Barcelona, ​​between the southern area of ​​Meridiana, at the height of the TNC del Tram stop and the Mar Bella skate park (Avinguda del Litoral, 106). You know, dress up in an Easter costume and a skateboard and recreate the theme that made them famous.

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