Massimo Giletti, goes beyond “It’s not the ring”. What a scoop!

Massimo Giletti, goes beyond “It’s not the ring”.  What a scoop!

The famous presenter from the Piedmont region surprised the photographers with an old torch. Who knows if they’ll really get back together!

Massimo Giletti at Non รจ l’Arena (Facebook)

Massimo Gilletti He is a famous journalist who, at some point in his career, even started taking on a role TV show host. Therefore, his journey on the small screen began in the late eighties.

Since then it can be said that everything has been hard, mainly participating in the most important signed radio programs opinion. In this regard, for example, we can remember Midday with the familyAnd the Your businessAnd the Vote for Bader BioAnd the Blessings among women.

In short, there are really many titles, but if we want, we also mention the most recent. Certainly no one can remember It’s not the ringbroadcast on La7then again Massimo Gilletti Point And the Corleone Strength and Blood.

As for, however, his private lifeAnd it is known that in the past he had a love affair that lasted about a year with the famous colleague Antonella Clerici. Later, he tied him up with the deputy Alessandra Moretti Then to the form Angela Tucci.

Gillette was seen hugging her

However, only recently does the Piedmontese orchestra leader seem to have come back to feel some sympathy for someone ancient flames that we just mentioned. Yes, because, as many tabloids have reported, it still seems to exist A certain feeling between him and Angela.

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Angela Tucci
Angela Tuccia, model (Instagram)

And these days, it seemed, the two showed themselves in the sunlight, immersed in the apparent. effusion love. The occasion, as the vigilant photographers say, seemed to be an occasion to go out in the capital, perhaps after watching a movie in the cinema.

In short, the images that have been immortalized thus speak to us of an approach that should not be underestimated. And who knows, maybe that means it’s really between the two Once again passion is born And this could be the basis for quite an interesting flashback.

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What can I say, at the moment you can not be sure of anything, but, if you want to look, this fact alone makes you think that there is still some tender between the presenter and the beautiful model from Campania.

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