The luxury rickshaw that also has a car at the cost of a city car | Traveler’s dream

The luxury rickshaw that also has a car at the cost of a city car |  Traveler’s dream
Giant luxury carriage

For those who love to travel on the road, this vehicle will be a daydream, as it is a camper van but as big as a truck.

Traveling in a campervan is a way of life, and not everyone is able to adapt to small spaces on average Deprivation of some amenities provided by hotels, However, if you can deal with these small “imperfections”, you will be able to experience one of the most beautiful feelings, which is freedom.

Traveling on the road certainly isn’t for everyone, but with this campervan, which looks more like a truck due to its size, You won’t even have to give up the luxury of a five-star hotel. It’s a custom vehicle that made enthusiasts dream.

If your goal is to take the stroller for long trips, this is it It could be exactly what you are looking for. You can really find all kinds of things on the Internet, and the most creative ideas aren’t always the functional ones either.

Of course, owning a car of this type is certainly also your prerogative to have a lot of space available in your garage, so we are not talking about a simple vehicle; But it is certain that the vehicle was designed and built by visionary lovers for this type of adventure.

The vehicle that will leave all lovers of life on the road speechless

This road mastodon was built as a three-in-one, The front consists of a really impressive truck, In the back is the carriage with everything it contains, at the highest levels, and the great and absurd peculiarity of this car is that in the middle it has a private space where you can park your car.

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It’s a real gem of customization starting with an International 9200 semi-trailer dated 1996 to which a 2004 Arctic Fox Camper trailer was attached. That alone might be enough to make this car a true masterpiece, but the manufacturer wanted to be bold. In fact, the greatest privacy comes precisely in the central part, A transporter was installed to transport a 1988 Suzuki Samurai.

The camper trailer had a real full house inside of it

From the leaked information, the current owner of this very large stroller is also not the manufacturer, but the second owner, who has put it up for sale at a truly incredible price, so if you want to consider it, this is your great opportunity. Let’s see inside. There is absolutely no shortage of amenities, In fact, there is a mountain kitchen complete with everything including the oven, and there is also a comfortable seating area and enough space to sleep.

Obviously there is a bathroom which includes a toilet. There is also an on-board generator powered by propane. If you’re looking for a designer car, this one probably isn’t quite perfect, actuallyAnd perhaps they are definitely not the first thing that attracts you, But this is not his intention at all. In fact, this stroller is designed to be able to spend a lot of time on board in complete comfort, In fact there is also an air conditioner in the cabin.

The giant luxury carriage - from the inside
Giant luxury car – interior

Could this be worth a car of this size?

Let’s move on to the data, before buying any used vehicle, it is important to know how much road it has on it, this model has 620 thousand miles according to the official data, in short it has come a long way, the engine was equipped with a Cummins diesel engine, regarding there is no information, but it will definitely Send more details to interested parties. The car in the middle is a Suzuki Samurai, which is not large in size This allows for a non-excessive load.

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The great advantage, as you may have already understood, is that once you park the camper, you can leave it stationary and take the best car trips. Let’s get down to the numbers, this is a truly exceptional car for those who dream of a life around the world, at $27,000, is a more than honest cost for everything it offers. Of course, if you don’t have a private space to leave it, the higher cost would be to find a suitable parking space, or perhaps directly a shed, so it’s probably better to travel there all year round.

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