Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 25 2022: Episode

Ladies’ Paradise 6 April 25 2022: Episode

Preview of Ladies’ Paradise 6 25 April 2022

Ladies’ Paradise 6 On April 25, 2022 go on air On Rai 1 at 15:55 On first run, subject to schedule changes. Alternatively you can watch it on Ray Play Live and on-demand afterwards.

Below you will find previews of Ladies’ Paradise 6 From 25 April 2022!

Ludovica Brancia di Montalto (Giulia Arena) in a scene from episode 148 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 156 Plot

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jewel She is a girl who has shown many different faces since arriving in Milan. She’s a designer, she knows her stuff and her skin seems pretty tough. However, he’s also down below able to get excited and… fall in love, as he’s shown with history with Marco. Now that Zanta has discovered the relationship between Stefania and his ex boyfriend, feel free to face sister. He takes off his nails and cuts them off with a promise: Stefania He will pay for what he did.

Doctors decide that Beatrice She can leave the hospital to the great joy of those who love her. Since I got out of the hospital, Vittorio He offers her to stay with him for a while.

Armando and Agnes They love each other and spend as much time as possible together. Lately they have been taking care of the baby Irenedaughter of I. The little girl, receiving the attention of the spouses, becomes more and more fond of sewing paradise. She is the wife of her grandmother.

America is a horizon full of possibilities veganAnnouncing that he had found a job abroad. After all, leaving would also be an excellent solution to his love afflictions. Meanwhile, through his communications about the job he’s taking revenge Adelaide.

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Ludovica learn it Marcelo He quit the club. What are the consequences of this choice?

jewel He carries out his revenge plan. In the concrete that you cast Stefania You face a crossroads that looks like blackmail. Colombo is in a position to choose to save her mother Glory or its relationship with Marco.

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