Cuba, Saratoga hotel explosion destroyed –

Cuba, Saratoga hotel explosion destroyed –
from Chiara Severgnini

Explosion at the Saratoga hotel in central Havana. Miguel Daz Canel, president of Cuba since 2019, rules out that the explosion was caused by a bomb. At least four victims, many injured: among them were also some children from a nearby school

A powerful explosion in Havana, in the middle Saratoga hotelsA little after 11 local time: The building in the Old Town that is currently undergoing renovation was badly damaged.

Local media shows some photos of the hotel, from which it appears The first three floors were almost completely destroyed. Some witnesses said the explosion caused a loud bang. The reasons are not yet known.

Miguel Daz-CanelPresident of Cuba since 2019, rules out that the explosion was caused by a bomb and clarifies that investigations are underway to find out the causes of the accident. Havana authorities have made it clear that it can be associated with a An accident occurred while transporting liquid gas from a truck. Even the reporter for the Cuban TV channel Habana Eduardo Ernesto Sedio Milne is tracking the explosion for gas leak.

Cuban state television reported that they were there At least four victims and several wounded. Among these, there are also nine children, students of a nearby elementary school. The police and firefighters are still working hard for Pull people out of the rubble.

In addition to the hotel, the explosion also destroyed buses and cars parked near the building.

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