The United States is asking for $30 million from the founders

The United States is asking for  million from the founders

Bad story for the founders BitMEXIt is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. In fact, a US federal judge sentenced them to a total compensation of $30 million illegal trade.

In practice, according to the indictment, they illegally operated the crypto-derivatives platform and violated the rules for Recycling from money. This was the express statement from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

there to rule Released on Thursday, March 5, 2022. Therefore, Arthur Hayes, Benjamin Delow and Samuel Reed will have to pay the 10 million dollarsfor a total amount of $30 million.

right Now BitMEX Focuses on launching another platform expansion. one of the other founders, Taylor Bosung, who has nothing to do with this matter, made it clear that the company will not comment on this matter and other legal matters that are not directly related to it. This is what Bosung said:

All of this is normal as we focus on launching BitMEX exchange platform in the coming weeks and further expanding the platform to serve our clients.

So there are high expectations for Cryptocurrency Famous all over the world. If you want to explore all it has to offer BitMEX You just have to Open a free account. This way you will be able to log into its platform and take advantage of everything it has to offer for cryptocurrency trading.

BitMEX: ghosts haunt the exchange

The last step of Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) based on penalties that occurred at 202 degrees. This is the Violation of .’s Bank Secret Code BitMEX Which found its first definition in February of this year.

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The CFTC said it was satisfied with this finding and how the investigations were being conducted. So Rustin Behnam, the head of the agency, enthusiastically expressed himself in front of this goal which, in his opinion, lays the foundations for crypto market Safer and more in control:

This is another example of the Commission taking decisive action where appropriate to ensure that digital asset derivatives trading platforms comply with the Commodity Exchange Act and Commission regulations.

However, another essential aspect must be remembered. The current exchange is not the same as it was 8 years ago and the company you are leading now does not want to go into the advantages of this which, as I have mentioned several times, is not their responsibility. Spokesman BitMEXIn fact, he actually commented at the end of February 2022:

We are aware of developments in the case, but do not comment on ongoing proceedings in which no BitMEX entity is a party to the dispute. Everything is normal, funds are safe and there is no impact on features, including deposit and withdrawal.

You can experience for yourself me Services you provide BitMEXan exchange that develops many services including highly desirable ones fan icon. By opening a free account On the platform, you will have unlimited access to everything it has to offer.

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