Ukraine, Zelensky announces new purges of the security apparatus – the world

Ukraine, Zelensky announces new purges of the security apparatus – the world

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the dismissal of 28 officials from the Ukrainian Security Service. “Another important news related to the security apparatus of Ukraine. A review of service personnel is underway. The issue of dismissal of 28 officials is being resolved,” he said in his usual evening address. Ukrainsk Pravda and UNIAN report. According to Zelensky, these are officials of different levels, and the reasons for their dismissal are attributed to the disappointing results of work.

“Ukrainian armed forces inflicted great losses on the occupiers, and we are advancing,” said Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, in his evening address, quoted by UNIAN news agency. “Step by step, we move forward, identify the collaborators and neutralize them. The possibility is clear: the Ukrainian flag will be in all our cities and villages,” he added. According to the head of state, so far the Ukrainian army has managed to liberate 1028 settlements from the hands of the Russians. “Another 2,621 are still under the control of the invaders,” he said.

“condition Food Safety In Ukraine, the situation is getting worse all the time, we are seeing Russians burning grain in the fields and storage capacities are being attacked,” said EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski, at the end of the ministers’ meeting. We must be realistic,” before banning large quantities of wheat “we should think about how to get the grain out of Ukraine, but at some point we may have to send the grain” to the country in difficulty, the commissioner noted, reiterating that “Russia is using food as blackmail to prevent Exports “from Ukraine.

Kyiv warns the European Union From the “trap” of rolling back sanctions against Russia. Ukraine’s diplomatic chief Dmytro Kuleba urged his EU counterparts not to give in to Vladimir Putin over sanctions against Russia, because “to retreat and comply with his requests will not work, it’s a trap.” “Putin’s real goal is to impoverish Europe. He wants to turn public opinion against existing governments, hoping to replace them with radical forces more suited to Russia,” he warned in a speech to his counterparts meeting in Brussels.

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Agreement at the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels on a new tranche of 500 million euros from Ukrainian military aid Within the European Peace Facility Fund “Europe continues its commitment to peace and the defense of our values. I welcome the political agreement on the fifth tranche in favor of Ukraine within the framework of the European Peace Facility. The EU’s support for the Ukrainian armed forces now amounts to 2.5 billion euros, Europe stands with Ukraine”, wrote the President of the European Peace Facility European Union Charles Michel in a tweet.
“I am grateful for the additional €500 million from the European Peace Facility and am asking for more bilateral military assistance.” This was stated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba after his speech today at the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union in Brussels. “My main message – he wrote on Twitter – is that weapons against Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and Moscow’s responsibility are three ways to restore peace, ensure security and protect stability in Europe.”

“A plan to transport grain and food in general has been agreed upon” through Safe passages to the Black Sea from the ports of Ukraine. This was stated by Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, as reported by TRT, about the meeting held last week in Istanbul between delegations from Moscow, Kiev, Ankara and UN representatives. “It is likely that there will be a meeting this week” to come up with a “concrete implementation plan,” Akar added.

She was released a few hours after her arrest Russian journalist Marina OvsyannikovaWho is best known for displaying an anti-war in Ukraine banner on television and was arrested yesterday for protesting against the invasion again. “It’s okay,” the reporter said on Facebook overnight. “Now I understood that it was better to leave the house with my passport and wallet. The lawyer for the journalist – who lost his job after exploiting the television – confirmed the release, adding that the arrest was due to suspicion that he was slandering the Russian armed forces.

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Marina Ovsyannikova’s lawyer, Dmitry Zakvatov, stated that her client was arrested during her protest in front of a court in Moscow, where she spoke against the arrest of opponent Ilya Yashin, in prison for convicting the war in Ukraine. Yashin was arrested thanks to a recent gag law that provides for penalties of up to 15 years in prison for denigrating the Russian armed forces and prohibits calling a “special military operation” in Ukraine – as the Kremlin defines it – as “war” or “invasion”. Lawyer Zakvatov explained that so far it does not appear that there is a criminal investigation against the journalist. But her arrest in court came a few days after she protested alone near the Kremlin with a sign criticizing Vladimir Putin’s interference in Ukraine.

Ukraine: Cities before and after the outbreak of war

Russian bombing kills At least six people in ToritskDonbass city, eastern Ukraine. The Kyiv government denounces this.
A statement posted on the page read: “A grenade destroyed a building in the city of Toritsk, it was bombed in the morning. Rescuers recovered five bodies. Three people were rescued from under the rubble, one of them died in hospital.” Facebook of Ukraine’s state emergency service with pictures of rubble.

there H&M . Clothing Series It announced that it will exit the market in Russia, under sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine. This was announced by the Swedish multinational Hennes & Mauritz.

In his evening address to the Ukrainian nation, President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that “Russia has already used more than three thousand missiles cruise ship against Ukraine. “The Guardian reported.” It is impossible to count the number of artillery and other shells that were used against our country and our people. But it is certainly possible to bring all Russian war criminals to justice.”

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a series of explosions Mayor Oleksandr Senkevich reported in Telegram that this was reported during the night in Mykolaiv. Senkevich reported that about 10 explosions were heard on the night of 18 July. No more information was provided.

Russian forces are preparing for a “referendum” in Melitopol in early September, according to reports from Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov, independent Kyiv reports, that Russian troops in Melitopol, Zaporizhia Oblast, are conducting a door-to-door census, added that those who support Ukraine will be expelled Forcibly from Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Russian invaders are now bombarding the city of Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk region in southern Ukraine. This was announced by the head of the military administration of the Nikopol region, Yevnev Yevtushenko. According to UNIAN. The same source added, addressing the citizens, “The city of Nikopol is under bombardment. Keep calm and do not leave the house.”

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