June 5, 2023

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Ukraine, Prigozhin takes Wagner away: Kadyrov arrives

The battle of Bakhmut continues. The head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, “hands over” his positions to Ramzan Kadyrov from May 10, the date announced on Friday for his withdrawal from the city in eastern Ukraine, which has been under siege for months. And The Chechen leader confirmed that his forces were ready to move to Bakhmut. “Akhmat’s units are ready to reach Artemovsk (Bakhmut). I have already signed the Commander-in-Chief’s order to confirm that the units are preparing to take over the city. The units are ready to fight. We are just waiting. Several units are already on their way to the area of ​​operations,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. Special military.

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“In the near future, – added Kadyrov, citing TASS, – we will liberate the city, despite all sorts of false reports about some terrible counter-attacks by the Ukrainian army. We have already begun to develop our strategy for this region together with the Russian Ministry of Defense. Believe me, the tactic will bring results. positive.”

And Prigozhin had announced, in a series of videos circulated in the past hours, that he would withdraw his mercenaries from Bakhmut on May 10, unless the Ministry of Defense provided them with the necessary ammunition. According to Chief Wagner, since May 1, the group has received only 10% of the ammunition it needs to continue fighting.

According to Prigozhin, “95% of the territory of Bakhmut is under the control of Russian troops, and the remaining 5% does not affect the course of the entire special military operation.”.

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He added that “the operation was completed as planned and did not include the capture of Bakhmut,” but “it planned to besiege the Ukrainian armed forces and arrange a truce for the Russian army in order to reorganize the combat capability” of the Russian forces. From the Wagner Collection.

Once Bakhmut left, Wagner would “withdraw to reorganize his fighting ability”. He explained that in the event of a threat, “Wagner will immediately defend his homeland.”

“phosphorous ammunition” – Meanwhile, the information office of the Ukrainian Special Forces reported that “the enemy used phosphorus and incendiary ammunition in Bakhmut, trying to wipe the city off the face of the earth.” The special forces also provided a video to the newspaper Ukraineska Pravda. “The soldiers of the Special Forces and other units of the Defense Forces bravely continue to defend the city,” the statement concluded.

Hypersonic missile Ukraine claims to have shot down a hypersonic missile over Kiev using the new Patriot defense system it received from the United States. The commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Mykola Oleshuk, wrote in Telegram that a Kinzhal ballistic missile had been intercepted over the Ukrainian capital in recent days. This is the first time that Ukraine’s use of Patriot missiles has been revealed.

Explaining that the Kh-47 was launched from a MiG-31K and was shot down by a Patriot, Oleshchuk wrote: “We shot down a Kinzhal, it happened on the night of May 4 in the sky over the Kiev region.”

Russia attack Yesterday, Russian forces carried out 11 attacks in the border areas of the Sumy region. 84 explosions were recorded. This is reported by Ukraine Pravda, which cites the Sumy Territorial Military Administration.

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Attack on Prilbene – Russian nationalist writer Zakhar Prilepin was injured in an attack. The governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, Gleb Nikitin, announced on his Telegram channel that he had successfully operated on and is in a medically induced coma for a better and faster recovery. A man was arrested in connection with the attack, who admitted that he acted on the orders of the Ukrainian secret service, according to what the press office of the Russian Investigative Committee told the media.