Whatsapp, everything is changing: The most important update of the year: Users are crazy about joy

Whatsapp, everything is changing: The most important update of the year: Users are crazy about joy

Here’s everything we know about the latest major update of the most widely used instant messenger, Whatsapp.

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users The WhatsApp They were shocked by the innovations proposed in the recent update of the world’s most used instant messaging app.

We thought the same to announce the latest news Mark Zuckerbergthrough a post written on Facebook.

Read on to find out what it consists of Last updated Along with all the innovations presented.

Whatsapp latest update

The WhatsApp It is an application that is constantly updated. It does nothing but evolve to impress its users and avoid migrating to other shores, such as Telegram.

The latest innovation introduced into the platform was announced only a few hours ago and is currently in progress tests.

As you surely know, before serving it updates, In fact, you need to try to see if they conflict with other parts of the same application.

Whatsapp, latest update
Whatsapp, latest update – Lettiquotidiano.it

So we don’t know for sure when it will arrive Update on our phones, but we think it will amaze all users.

Zuckerberg’s announcement, in fact, It has already made users go wild, who are now looking to update. Read on to find out what it is.

Here’s what’s coming to our phones

To reveal the latest great news of the instant messaging app think of its famous owner Mark Zuckerbergwho shared a status on his Facebook profile.

As you surely know, all the social networks that Zuckerberg owns belong to the group Half: As a result, Mark is free to connect to any of his social networks to issue communications related to one or the other app he owns.

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Whatsapp and news
Whatsapp, news – Bedquotidiano.it

A few hours ago, he contacted Facebook, to facilitate and facilitate communication. Zuckerberg’s announcement, in fact, is about Facebook’s reactions, of which you will also become a part The WhatsApp.

Many will wonder where Grandma is, since he is the same Interactions It has been on the messaging app for a long time. In fact, they are, but in the form of an emoji.

Now, however, they will invade the instant messaging app as a reaction to messages written in chats and groups. Thus it will be very useful to express their opinions Opinion on friends’ messages.

This is a post that got thousands of Like and comments:

Mark Zuckerberg's job
Whatsapp, Mark Zuckerberg’s post – Lettoquotidiano.it

What do you think that? Do you think this is a necessary update or do you consider it unnecessary? Let’s know!

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