A near collision between a Chinese warship and an American destroyer in the Taiwan Strait

A near collision between a Chinese warship and an American destroyer in the Taiwan Strait

temperature rises in Taiwan Strait: One Chinese warship Came one step away from bumping into USS Chung-Hoon destroyerinvolved in joint action between the United States and Canada.

tension in the Taiwan Strait

Both ships ended up inside 100 meters from each othernothing compared to the maneuvering space they need to take a course.

I reported the news before International news It was collected by a reporter traveling aboard the Canadian frigate HMCS Montreal, which took part in the mission, which began on May 25th. South China Sea.

According to what he posted International news The Chinese warship had carried out a Maneuver to hit the bow of the American destroyer.

The American ship’s commander had radioed the Chinese to change course to avoid a collision.

Montreal captain Paul Mountford called the Chinese move “unprofessional”.

In the photo, in the background, is the destroyer USS Chung-Hoon.

The captain added that the incident was “clearly instigated by the Chinese”. “The fact that this was announced on the radio before we did it clearly indicates that it was intentional“.

According to the reconstruction, the PLA ship would have ordered the US destroyer to change course and turn away to avoid collision.

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The Americans initially ignored the Chinese request and told the other side to leave.

But in the end The American destroyer had to turn around and slow down To avoid the almost inevitable collision.

Provocations and military exercises around Taiwan

In recent weeks, mutual tensions and provocations in the Taiwan Strait have doubled.

In late May, China carried out military exercises in the territorial waters and airspace of Taiwan, with 33 fighters and 10 ships.

Also in May, a few weeks ago, China deployed fighter jets and spy drones to the region.

At the end of April, a US military plane flew over Taiwan amid Chinese protests.

Also in April, the USS Miliusin sailed into the China Sea in an operation known as “Freedom of Navigation”.

Who was Chung Hun?

The USS Chung-Hoon destroyer is named in honor of Admiral Gordon Paea Chung-Hoon, the first American naval officer of Asian descent. Chung Hoon was born in 1910 in Honolulu and died there in 1979.

He has received two prestigious awards for his war merits: the Navy Cross and the Silver Star.

Image source: 123RF

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