Concert for the Queen’s Jubilee “Your Majesty, Mummy” Thanksgiving from Carlo (with Camila) –

Concert for the Queen’s Jubilee “Your Majesty, Mummy” Thanksgiving from Carlo (with Camila) –
From Enrica Rodolfo

Prince Charles took to the stage with Camilla at his side to thank his mother and head of state for 70 years of rule. The Concert at Buckingham Palace opened with a film of the Queen with London icon, Paddington’s Bear, as well as William’s words for a sustainable future, and greetings from Michelle Obama, music by Rod Stewart, Sam Ryder, Brian May and Lloyd Webber.

from our reporter
London – Your Majesty, Mama. Prince Charles wrapped up the magnificent and stunning concert at the Palace, which gathered more than 22,000 people in London, in honor of Queen Elizabeth and the historic milestone of a 70-year reign that went down in history. He said the heir to the throne, and will continue to make history. Adding: “All this love, this Jubilee Weekend is our way of saying thank you.” I would also like to express all my gratitude to you, Your Majesty, our head of state, as well as to the mother: this evening we have lost so much your strength and fortitude.

With Camila by his side on stage, Carlo continued: Even my father would have appreciated the show tonight and would have joined us to wish him his most heartfelt wishes, and then Elizabeth’s heir conjures up the Queen’s life marked by 70 years of reading Red Boxes, Letters of Document Officers, Recalling the Indefatigable Sovereign. As well as quoting from the Commonwealth of Nations. You have promised lifelong service and continue to deliver on that promise. This is why we are all here to thank you.

Thus Carlo’s words elicited choral applause with three long vowels before the national anthem. While on a London night, special effects first attracted the Queen’s beloved corgi, then her signature and finally her profile.

And so ended, in the voice of Diana Ross, the party that was a thank you in music For the dedication and spirit of service to Elizabeth II over 70 years.

Before Charles, Prince William took the podium: I’m so proud of you My grandparents did it to save the planet. My grandmother lived nearly a century now and in this time our planet has become more and more fragile. Today, as the Queen celebrates her platinum jubilee, we have a challenge, climate change, that we have to face… But like her, I’m optimistic: Environmental issues are finally high on the agenda, said the Prince.

There is no queen, but a game of lights and special effects turns Buckingham Palace into a gardenthe recorded voice of Elizabeth II represents the message delivered on November COP26, recalling the example of caring for the environment for my beloved husband Philip, an example compiled by my son and nephew.

So after Andrea Bocelli invaded London and the Windsors And after a long applause on stage at Buckingham Palace, opened by the Royal Marines with Adam Lambert, the jubilee party is about to come to an end. On a clear and quiet night, the royal palace is enveloped in a charming atmosphere.

But shortly before the music starts, the Queen is surprised once more to translate herself – ironically – herself, in the company of London’s bear icon, Paddington. About the film broadcast by the BBC at the opening of the ceremony.

It’s not the first time that the Queen has entered the role of an actress: For the 2012 Olympics in London, I escorted Daniel Craig, James Bond, through the corridors of the building, wearing Bond girl shoes. And Daniel Craig with Paul McCartney and Michelle Obama appeared on screen tonight to thank her. Thank you, madam, said Michelle, for your fine example, recalling the moments she and President Obama had as guests of Elizabeth and Philip.

In the royal box, in front of the grand circular theater erected at Buckingham Palace, Kate Victoria embraces the memorial, dressed in white with Charlotte in a red dress and Prince George seated. Camilla with Prince William, Charles and Anna. Princess Anne and her husband Sir Timothy Lawrence of Wessex with their children. The Windsors in full force, with Union Jack flags, as anyone in the crowd, for the grand platinum jubilee party.

With the absence of the birthday girl but who’s watching everything from Windsor. From Windsor where she was photographed today while maintaining ties with members of the Commonwealth of Nations via zoom in.

Then the concert continued honoring the music of the ’60s and ’70s with Saturday Night Fever That made the audience dance. and a choreography of vintage televisions, in homage to the medium that may have revolutionized the monarchy in these seventy years of history.

To the amazement of Lloyd Webber, a professor of musicals who greeted the King, realizing that her life was a spectacle like no other But… Tonight Maest let me give you five small samples of famous musicals, from The Lion King as well as from The Phantom of the Opera.

The party gathered along the mall – like two days ago at Trooping the Color – big crowd That began gathering at dawn as Andrea Bocelli’s treble drills resounded in the air. With a look at the stars of yesteryear as well as Brian May, Rod Stewart, Doran Duran, Diana Ross and the new talents voiced by Ryder or Alicia Keys.

With the moment Carlo and William got on stage. Son and grandson salute mother and grandmother, but above all a queen who is for the country the heart, history, past and hopes for the future. The center of gravity of stability in a complex time, having been able to drive for 70 years points the way. And again, it’s not just Charles, but William as well, second in line to come up to that stage and talk about the Queen. Once again a reminder, the Windsor couple, as we already saw at the official opening of Parliament a month ago.

But in order not to confuse the two roles, William focused on the sustainable message, while it was Charles who said the country’s thanks for a kingdom in history.. And Camilla’s presence with Carlo on stage may also have been a personal thank you to her mother for endorsing the Duchess of Cornwall as the future queen.

Although Charles’ words tonight there was above all emotion and gratitude for the Queen’s guiding role for generations of Britons.. And the little ones – like Princes George and Charlotte – were there to listen.

Buckingham Palace became a big outdoor show tonight, with portraits of 70 years as a prospective queen on its facade. The most famous words emerged from Elizabeth II’s speeches. In the background only thank you very much madam, thanks.

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