Who is the beloved singer under the mask – Daily

Who is the beloved singer under the mask – Daily

We’ve reached the semi-finals The Masked Singerand he black squirrel It is revealed, after the playoff with Stella, that he will make it through to the next round, as decided by the Sovereign Audience. And after nothing had been done in recent weeks, when the jury had twice tried to uncover the racy contender, with today’s elimination, we were able to discover the beloved singer who was hiding in these clothes.

The “Masked Singer” who was under the mask of a black squirrel

At long last, it was revealed who he was hiding at The Masked Singer under it black squirrel: Valeria Marini. The showgirl, as some of Millie Carlucci’s jurors hunched her, took on the hilarious role of this animal (one jokingly called it a skunk), and sealed her race to victory one step short of the semi-finals.

I have to thank Milly for such a lovely experienceThese were the first words of Valeria Marini after the mask was revealed. She gave herself up a bit by talking about kisses (an apparent reference to her “Star kisses‘), but he would have stayed in the race had it not been for Lou hem This evening, it was won by Stella, who could be the Simona Ventura of the entire jury. “I had a lot of fun, the jury is great,” added former prima donna Bajaglino, who concluded her adventure with a tribute to Raffaella Cara.

However, many were convinced that it could not be Valeria Marini: shortly before the start of this version of The Masked SingerThe newspapers had talked about a potential disqualification From the showgirl who, according to some sites, revealed a first preview of her participation in the show. Was it a tactic to increase hype around the show?

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“The Masked Singer”: Masks have been revealed in past episodes

The finale will be broadcast on Saturday 22nd April The Masked Singer, and there are many more masks unveiled in this edition, with names immediately guessed by the jury (made up of Francesco Facchinetti, Flavio Incina, Eva Zanichi, Christian De Sica and Serena Bortone), some of which could not be deciphered. We’ve seen Antonio Menzancilla And Sandra Milo hidden in costume swanAnd Valeria Fabrizi wear them roseform the pair before Simona Ezzo And Ricky Tognazzi in shoes dovesL’Hippopotamus a rock moneyand the fingerany Mrs. Coriandoli / Maurizio Ferrini.

A version that has seen its ups and downs, and endangered the reaffirmation of Rai Uno’s show: after the first episode and the first clues, the opinion of the judges, with the exception of those of Francesco Facchinetti and often of Iva Zanicchi, was more or less unanimous in referring to a character under a mask. Perhaps the beginning is obvious, too simple, but sure for the contestants themselves and for the authors of the program However, they have improved misdirection techniques. More and more hidden clues and competitors imitating other potential competitors, to deceive the jury and detectives from home. Now all that remains is to find out if anyone among Simona Ventura, Natalie Guetta, Tullio Solenghi or Massimo Lopez, the most famous names by the jury, is really hiding under one of the masks. Who will win this edition if not caught?

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