Elisabetta Gregoraci celebrates 101 years since her grandmother’s party

Elisabetta Gregoraci celebrates 101 years since her grandmother’s party

The host family gathered by the sea in Soverato to celebrate an important achievement

Elisabetta Gregoraci is beautiful, simple and elegant, with a short red silk dress, loose hair on the shoulders and discreet but bright jewelry. “I’m going to the restaurant to celebrate my 101-year-old super-grandfather today… I’ll take you with me,” he told his followers in a video posted to the stories. She keeps her promise. She shares with fans the best moments of the evening spent with her loved ones, the joy over dinner and the love that binds her to her father’s mother. In the social shots, he shows the beautiful cream cake with candles and the moment of toast under the stars, while his sister

Marzia Gregoracci

Framing fish-based courses. The broadcaster’s son, Nathan Falco, is absent from the family dinner, who is currently on vacation in Mykonos with his father, Flavio Briatore.

With Grandma Peta, Elisabetta Gregoraci is very affectionate, filling her with cuddles and jokes with her. “But no, you are not old …” he reassures her, then: “I also brought you an anti-wrinkle cream!” , he said amid laughter, kneeling beside her to approach her. At the moment of blowing out the candles, they are next to each other, both excited, giving smiles to family flashes. “Happy birthday Grandma Elisabetta: Today I’m 101! You are a force of nature, our rock. I love you so much,” the presenter wrote, posting photos of the special evening on Instagram.

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