David Muñoz says he's not shutting down Goxo, just “transportation.”

David Muñoz says he's not shutting down Goxo, just “transportation.”

El Goxo de Barcelona, ​​David Muñoz's first restaurant outside Madrid, has closed its glass doors at the NH Collection Constanza hotel after two years. But this isn't goodbye to the city, the chef says, but see you later. “We are not closing Goxo, we are relocating it,” he explains succinctly. “Goxo will continue in Barcelona, ​​with delivery and a fixed location,” he says.

Goxo is a concept with pandemic origins, which has gained traction in both Madrid and Barcelona under the takeaway title.

In addition, in Barcelona, ​​space has been allocated in a hotel thanks to the facilities offered by the NH chain, which has so far hosted the three-star Hotel Diverxo in Madrid, at Eurobuilding, also with a shuttle service: it will be opened during 2024 in the urban area of ​​La Finca. , in Pozuelo de Alarcón, in a building of 1,900 square metres.

In the capital, Streetxo and Ravioxo will continue to operate, and food trucks are spreading in Spain.

El Goxo, which had been stable until now, had a mission of “fine cuisine dressed as fast food” and in the fall of 2021 generated patients queuing to gain access to one of the tables on that red and black stage, according to the company’s colors.

On offer, Udon with Singaporean Sauce, Mumbai Lasagna, Redemption Star; Hong Kong and Madrid bowl or “crispy” fried chicken with Muñoz topping.

Food trays with many passports to get your fingers dirty, distributed halfway between restaurant rituals and fast food vices.

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As the chef explains, the project had an expiration date: “Goxo a NH was always temporary. We made that clear from the beginning. In fact, nothing was invested in the building or in the infrastructure. Our intention was always to look for another alternative location. “

When will the resurrected Goksu arrive? “Definitely before the summer we will be back in business again.” But you no longer live in New Hampshire, he continued.

In search of workplaces, the chef does not want to leave Barcelona, ​​where he has always tended to locate his other businesses, continuing existing ones in Madrid or creating new formats.

2023 was an eventful year for the Madrid chef, and 2024 will be no less: his partner, Cristina Bedroche, gave birth to Laia, and in Mexico his professional colleagues handed him, for the third time, the scepter as the best chef in the world. The days of movement begin now.

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