It’s time for something new for Toyota Corolla

It’s time for something new for Toyota Corolla

Model 2023 – The Toyota Corolla It has been revamped by introducing some innovations to the design, the hybrid powertrain and technological equipment. La CorollaModel year 2023It will be available in three different body versions: a five-door sedan, a Sport Tourer, and a new crossover SUV version (over here to know more).

little touches – Updates from the aesthetic point of view of the family Toyota Corolla It’s about changes to the texture of the front grille, fog lamp trims and alloy wheel designs. Richer trim levels on the Sedan and Touring Sports models get new bi-LED headlights and the top of the range is equipped with the Adaptive High Beam system (Intelligent High/Low Beam Management).

new colors – Restyle Toyota Corolla It brings with it new colors such as Juniper Blue, the launch color for the hatchback and Touring Sports. Also new is Metallic Gray, which is available for all body styles. The interior has also been updated and now features new graphics, finishes and embossed patterns that add three-dimensional depth. The seat upholstery groups follow the new Dark and Light Harmony with matching colors and finishes.

More powerful hybrid One of the most important innovations Toyota Corolla It is the debut of the new hybrid system, now in its fifth generation. As with the current model, 1.8- and 2-liter hybrid powertrains are available; Both can now boast of modifications to both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor, which according to the house improve the driving experience and efficiency. The powertrain and hub have been redesigned, and the lithium-ion battery is more powerful, but smaller and lighter, with a reduced mass of up to 18kg (depending on the size of the heat engine). The system’s total power of 1.8 liters is 140 hp, with a decrease of 1.7 seconds in a time from 0 to 100 km / h, which is now 9.2 seconds. For the 2-liter car, total power rose to 196 hp and power dropped from 0 to 100 km/h in about half a second, dropping to 7.5 seconds. Recalibration of the hybrid system also allowed for a more advanced acceleration response.

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More technology – With restyling of the family’s interior Toyota Corolla become more technical. The 10.5-inch multimedia display features HD graphics and an anti-glare screen, ensuring visibility in all lighting conditions. The driver’s instruments are all new, and they can be seen on the new 12.3-inch screen, which can be customized according to the driver’s preferences in four different modes: Normal, Smart, Sport and Hard. Moreover, the multimedia system is always connected to the network and compatible with OTA updates, which will also be used to improve the driver assistance systems.

evolution for ADAS – renewed Toyota Corolla Fitted with the Toyota T-Mate, which combines the latest generation of the Toyota Safety Sense package with other active drive systems and parking assistance systems. Systems performance improvements include Acceleration Auppression, which reacts to sudden use of the accelerator when traveling at a low speed; Support collision avoidance when cornering at an intersection; emergency steering assistant, which can now respond to oncoming vehicles; Prevent side collisions and reduce cornering speed. Toyota T-Mate features include a safe exit assist system, which will sound an alert if it detects an open door that could get in the way of a vehicle or a cyclist approaching from behind. There is also a new rear seat reminder, which will warn the driver before leaving their vehicle to check if anything has been left on the rear seats.

Prepare GR SPORT For all sportsmanship enthusiasts, the new Corolla will be available withGR Sport . settingwhich has, among other things, 18-inch forged alloy wheels, sports seats, as well as its specific aesthetic customization.

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