Chiara Bellacani in the final of the metro, Bertucci eliminated very briefly – OA Sport

Chiara Bellacani in the final of the metro, Bertucci eliminated very briefly – OA Sport

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World Swimming Championships general medal (including art, bottom, diving and water polo)

13.02: Appointment at 2.30 pm with the final of the team event, but without Italy.

13.00: Kiara Bellacani in the final, with the seventh score and can fight for a medal.

12.59: Elena Bertucci misses the final by half a point. Really terrible joke for the Lombards who closed with 246.05 against 246.10 from Sweden’s Goldstrand.

12.57: It will not be the final for Elena Bertucci. Erlam also goes in front of Azraq, who is the thirteenth.

12.56: An exciting race for Swede Nelson who topped 262 points and finished second.

12.55: Dutchman Wills misses! Only Swede Nelson and Canadian Erlam remain.

12.51: The Canadian Vale will also be in the final with a score of 249.60. At the moment, Elena Bertucci is eleventh, but there are still no athletes who can beat her. The danger of ridicule from the thirteenth place is around the corner.

12.48: Australia’s Chin is eliminated. Only 243.20 and therefore there is still hope for Elena Bertucci.

12.46: 253.10 for Switzerland’s Michel Heimberg, who was positioned against the blue pair. Qualifying is getting tougher for Berucci.

12.45: An excellent race for Britain’s 254.85 Grace Reed, who is also ahead of Chiara Bellacani.

12.42: The last rotation begins.

12.33: Elena Bertucci’s hopes of qualifying are fading even further. There are no errors by direct opponents.

12.25: Elena Bertucci qualified in really danger. Canadians Vale and Hirlam, Swiss Heimberg, Britain’s Reed, Australia’s Chen, Germany’s Muller and South Korea’s Kim are all in front of the blue for now.

12.20: At the moment there are already five athletes after three dives in front of Elena Bertocchi. Blue is at risk of getting rid of it.

12.10: Things haven’t gone well so far for Elena Bertucci. There are many who maintain a very high standard after the first two cycles. We remind you that Zarqa ranked seventh in the first group and at the most five athletes can advance in front of it.

12.03: So far, an exceptional test for the Swiss, Michel Heimberg, who dived above 50 points.

11.54: An incredible comeback one-and-a-half times from 51.75 for the Swede’s Nelson.

11.52: Excellent start from Canadian Erlam with first dive of 50.40.

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11.44: Australia’s Chen did not start well. However, it will be a very long process of elimination and perhaps from the third cycle we will begin to understand the future of blue.

11.41: A good start for Briton Reed, who is certainly one of the contenders to follow in terms of qualifying for Elena Bertocchi.

11.39: The second set has begun! We’ll have to wait until we understand Elena Bertucci’s future.

11.28: The first set to get rid of the metro is over. Chiara Bellacani came fourth, while Elena Bertucci finished seventh. The Romanian player is betting on the final, while qualification is still at risk for the Lombards, who will have to wait for the result of the second qualifying round.

11.26: 246.45 for the American Schultz, who is very close to Elena Bertucci.

11.25: He will only be Chinese at the start of this race. News opens up very exciting platform scenarios, with very open fighting for the second and third step of the platform.

11.22: Well done Kiara Bellacani! 49.20 points are returned with one and a half spears and a total score of 251.05. The final mortgage was practically done.

11.21: Bad news for Elena Bertucci. Sweden’s Goldstrand passes it for a very short time (246.10) two and a half pairs forward by 52.00 points.

11.20: German Oettinghus misses! Blue also helps a lot.

11.16: American bacon reaches the final. 53.30 with a double and a half front shaft. There are 253 points for the United States.

11.15: Chiara Bellacani will conclude her preliminary round with a pike and a half.

11.12: Li Yajie closed down one and a half strikers with a twist and a half of 61.10. Great closing for the Chinese who made it to the final.

11.10: Australian Sheehan closed at 252.90, ahead of Elena Bertucci. The final should be safe for Sheehan.

11.09: Elena Bertocchi closes with 50.70 of one-and-a-half screws upside down. The bottom line is 246.05 for Lombards who now have to understand what their opponents will do.

11.08: Chiara Bellacani finished fourth before the last dive, while Elena Bertucci took sixth. At least it will be necessary to confirm these positions since then there will be the second set of the elimination round.

11.04: 50.70 for Chiara Pellacani with one and a half screws upside down. Blue is fourth with 201.85. It takes another convincing dip for your final mortgage.

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10.59: American Bacon entered second place with 52 points from a point and a half forward by two and a half laps. The final is almost safe for Americans.

10.55: 46 points also for Australian Sheehan, who moved to 202.50.

10.51: 46.80 with a one-and-a-half dip by Elena Bertucci (195.35). For the Lombards, a final dive becomes necessary to put themselves in a calmer position while awaiting the second set.

10.48: 50.40 with a one-and-a-half stellar inverted by Chiara Bellacani (151.15), who stands in front of Elena Bertucci. The blues are fifth and sixth, respectively.

10.46: Australian Sheehan (155.70) and German Ottinghaus (152.10) are also ahead of Bertucci, even if the blue is very close.

10.42: Super one and a half flipped from 55.25 for the American Bacon, who overtook Elena Bertucci by 151.85.

10.38: China’s Li is confirmed to lead the standings with a score of 159.35. One and a half is back from 51.75, maybe a little overpaid.

10.35: Back shaft and a half from 44.25 for Elena Bertucci. Good dive for Lombards, which reached 148.55.

10.30: Very good Kiara Bellacani! Double and half shaft excellent forward from 55.90. Blue goes to 100.75 points.

10.25: 40.25 only with a back and a half for the American Bacon.

10.22: Li led the Chinese with 107.60 points, ahead of Elena Bertucci (103.70).

10.18: 53.30 with Elena Bertucci with a front and a half shaft. Definitely a good start for the Lombards.

10.17: The first round of Group 1 (twenty-three athletes) is over. Elena Bertocchi and Chiara Pellacani started off very well.

10.14: Pike back and half for Kiara Bellacani from 44.85. The lab didn’t help so the score is low, but it’s a good dive.

10.08: American Bacon leads with 56.40.

10.04: China’s Li gets the same score as Elena Bertocchi with a shaft and a half return.

10.01: Good start for the Lombards with a spear return and a half (50.40).

10.00. The race begins. Elena Bertucci on the spot!

9.52: Three finals scheduled for today. The team event (without Italy), the women’s scale event (hopefully with Bertocchi and Pellacani) and the three-meter mixed synchronization event (Pellacani-Santoro).

9.47 Kiara Bellacani dive

– Rear shaft and half
– Double and half front shaft
– shaft and half upside down
– One and a half upside down with a wrap and a half
– Shaft and a half returned

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9.43: Elena Bertucci dives

– Shaft and a half returned
– Double and half front shaft
– Rear shaft and half
– shaft and half upside down
– One and a half upside down with a wrap and a half

9.38: Chiara Bellacani will also compete in the three-meter mixed synchronization race with Matteo Santoro. A blue couple aiming for a medal after winning the European title.

9.34: Elena Bertucci and Chiara Bellacani start the world championships, and this morning she participated in the elimination of the metro. The goal is to get between 12 in this final.

9.30: The live broadcast of the fourth day begins.

World Cup program in BudapestMeditation for ItalyItaly band under X-rayBudapest 2022 squad

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE on day 4 of the 2022 World Diving Championships at the Duna Arena in Budapest. Wednesday will be very rich with three finals scheduled.

Spotlight from the morning with the female runner-up preliminaries with Elena Bertucci and Chiara Bellacani. The blue duo start the World Cup with a race that has seen the Lombards rise to the third tier of the podium in the past. Bertucci and Bellacani aim for the final which will then take place at 5pm, even if it’s a long and complicated preliminary round.

For Bellacani, there will be a double commitment, given that the Roman will then also be in the race at 19.00 in the three-meter mixed synchronization paired with Matteo Santoro. The two have graduated as European champions and will try to impress even at the global level in a race that could offer surprises.

However, the first scheduled final will be the team event (with dives from three meters and from the podium). Italy will not be present and the preferred candidate is clearly China.

Brought to you by OA Sport Live broadcast of the fourth day of the 2022 World Diving Championships at Dona Stadium in Budapest: Real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 10.00. Good fun!

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