Juventus Depay, close role: Help in Barcelona comes from … Pjanic | first page

Juventus Depay, close role: Help in Barcelona comes from … Pjanic |  first page

The streets of Juventus and Memphis Depay They may cross soon. Communications between the two parties intensify as the hours go by and the negotiations progress: if there is already a general agreement with the player, some contract with the player still needs to be resolved. Barcelona.

go to the boat – The Dutch striker is currently the first choice for Max’s attack cheerfulbut as for closing, there is still something missing on the Barcelona front, which he was bound by contract until 2023. Juventus is ready to welcome Depay only without card costs: it is not an obstacle, but for the moment it remains to find a square between the striker and the player. The Blaugrana on severance pay. The appeal is missing about two million and the tipping point could be near thanks to… Miralem Pjanic. the reason? To speed up (and simplify) the uncompensated exit of the Catalans, the Bianconeri are willing to deduct the rewards of the previous operation linked to the Bosnian midfielder (dated 2020) to the Spaniards, linked to future appearances.

Agreement with Juventus – between Juventus and DebyeAnd, as we explained a few days ago, there is already a principle of agreement, with a proposal for a two-year contract and engagement that must be present 6 million euros (or a little more) for each season, including rewards.

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