Frosinone-Reggina 3-1: Final result and highlights

Frosinone-Reggina 3-1: Final result and highlights
  • Thank you for watching this match live with us, see you next round of the second division!10:32 p.m

  • The conquest of the pitch and the celebration began at Frosinone, who returned to Serie A for the third time in their history. Reggina remained in the play area but Ascoli was eighth.10:32 p.m

  • Frosinone wins and returns to Serie A after four years and with this victory moves to +10 over Bari, third in the standings, three days after the end. The match was stopped in the first half of the hour, but a header by Borelli opens the match, as Ciociari doubles his lead in the first half with a penalty kick from Insigne. In the second half, Regina shortened with Hernani, but it was Kiss who scored the final goal 3-1. In Calabria Cionek was expelled for violent behaviour.10:32 p.m

  • 90′ + 4′

    Match ends: Frosinone – Reggina 3-1.10:24 p.m

  • 90′ + 1′

    Switching in Reggina, Liotti enters Di Chiara.10:22 p.m

  • 90 ‘

    There will be 4 minutes of recovery.10:21 p.m

  • 89 ‘

    Banque Rivas and a ball to Ménez, who was unable to score the goal from a few steps away. Biblical blocks.10:19 p.m

  • 86 ‘

    The game is almost over, and the party is only expected to start at the final whistle.10:16 p.m

  • 84 ‘

    Moro enters Frosinone for Borelli.10:14 p.m

  • 81 ‘

    Substitution in Frosinone, Rohden enters in Mazitelli.10:11 p.m

  • 77 ‘

    We try a whole radish neck from the edge. The ball is to the right of a Colombian.10:07 p.m

  • 74 ‘

    Bayes takes Insigne’s place.10:05 pm

  • 73 ‘

    Two changes also in Frosinone, in Garritano per Caso.10:05 pm

  • 71 ‘

    Inside Mini’s Lestrelic.10:02 p.m

  • 71 ‘

    Double change for Regina, Rivas for Canuto.10:02 p.m

  • 70 ‘
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    Pressure from Ciociari continues, Reggina defends herself as best she can.10:01 p.m

  • 65 ‘

    issue! Quick work from Frosinone, serving Insigne Caso who kicks first from an excellent position but strikes high over the crossbar.21:56

  • 61 ‘

    The goal seemed to end the game, with Frosinone now dominating the pitch.21:52

  • 57 ‘

    Goal! Frosinone – Reggina 3-1! status grid. The ball rebounded in the middle of the Lucioni court, changing the game for Casso, who kicked with his left foot and stabbed a Colombian.

    Look at the player profile of Giuseppe Casso21:49

  • 53 ‘

    He immediately tried to bring Frosinone forward with Casso kicking from a tight angle. The ball is deflected for a corner.21:43

  • 51 ‘

    Goal! Frosinone – Reggina 2-1! Hernani Network. Frosinone is surprised by Hernani’s goal, who receives the ball in the area from Strelic and puts it into the corner with his right foot.21:42

  • 46 ‘

    The second half of FROSINONE – REGGINA begins.21:36

  • 46 ‘

    Changing in Frosinone, Frappetta enters Cotali.21:36

  • 46 ‘

    Inside also is Hernani Mager.21:36

  • 46 ‘

    Terranova enters Reggina for Caporese.21:36

  • Frosinone took a two-goal lead and 45 minutes from returning to Serie A. The start of the match was hampered, with the teams playing mostly in midfield but with the visitors trying to push. In half an hour, Borrelli’s header opens the match, and in the final, Insigne’s penalty kick brings Ciociari’s team up to 2-0. In Regina, I kicked out Cionek, for a slap in the face Caso, and Inzaghi.21:20

  • 45′ + 2′

    First half: Frosinone – Reggina 2-0.21:20

  • 45 ‘

    There will be two minutes of recovery.21:17

  • 42 ‘

    Goal! Frosinone – Reggina 2-0! Sign Network. A penalty kick is kicked medially under the crossbar.

    Look at the player profile of Roberto Insigne21:15

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  • 41 ‘

    Cionek red carded for violent behaviour, Caso slapped him across the face.21:17

  • 40′

    Penalty to Frosinone! Ready after checking the VAR indicates the disc.21:13

  • 40′

    Prontera called the video assistant referee for the presence of friction in the penalty area between Syunik and Kaso.21:12

  • 37 ‘

    A powerful blow from Kotale’s left from the edge, Colombe parried with his fists.21:10

  • 36 ‘

    The home team is now leading the game, and the opening goal seemed to give Ciociari confidence.21:10

  • 34 ‘

    Now Reggina has to change her strategy, as Frosinone’s goal shifts the balance on the pitch.21:10

  • 31 ‘

    Goal! Frosinone – Reggina 1-0! Borelli Network. The game suddenly opened up, Cotale crossed from the left, Borelli sent the ball under the crossbar to the right of a Colombian.

    Look at the player profile of Gennaro Borelli21:05

  • 30 ‘

    Half an hour of play, the game was blocked with the home team’s difficulty out.21:05

  • 27 ‘

    Yellow card for Kotale for a foul in midfield.21:00

  • 24 ‘

    Pressure from the guests with Frosinone struggling to get going.20:57

  • 21 ‘

    Di Chiara crossed from behind, Turati touched it with the ball, although Di Kiara crossed again from outside in the area but no one succeeds in intercepting the ball.20:56

  • 16′

    Yellow card for Majer, foul by Mazitelli in midfield.8:52 PM

  • 13 ‘

    Mazetelli crossed in from the right into the far corner, Borelli didn’t believe it enough and stretched the ball wide.8:49 p.m

  • 11′

    Regina builds in midfield, but the action wears off on the trocar.20:43

  • 7 ‘

    The away team kept the ball in this opener, and Frosinone seemed to feel the importance of the game.8:39 p.m

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  • 3 ‘

    Throwing deep into the Frosinone area, Sampirisi sweeps up front for the corner.8.35pm

  • 1 ‘

    Frosinone – Reggina The kick-off whistle. Referee Pronterra.20:32

  • In the Frosinone trident formed by Insigne, Caso and Borrelli. In the middle of the field with Mazzitelli are Polluca and Geli. In front of the center of Samperesi, Ravanelli and Lucioni, on the sides are Cotali and Saberissi. Regina responded with the duo Canuto, Strelic in attack, Menez starting from the bench. Triple defense with Camporese, Cionek and Loiacono, in the midfield Boah and Di Chiara in the full run, in the middle with Crisetig there is Majer and Fabbian.7:53 p.m

  • Reggina XI (3-5-2): Colombian – Syunik, Camporsi, Loyacono – Cresettigues, Boa, Mager, Fabbien, De Chiara – Canuto, Strelic. Subs: Contini, Agetti, Menez, Gori, Galabinov, Hernani, Ricci, Terranova, Lombardy, Lyautey, Rivas.7:48 p.m

  • Frosinone formation (4-3-3): Turati – Samperisi, Lucioni, Ravanelli, Cotali – Gili, Mazzitelli, Poloca – Insigne, Borelli, Caso. Subs: Lauria, Rohden, Garitano, Bocic, Calaj, Moro, Bidawi, Silvini, Montresi, Paez, Olivieri, Frabotta.7:48 p.m

  • The next match will be the tenth match between Frosinone and Reggina in Serie B: four wins for the Yellow Blues, three for the Marigolds and two draws. In the first leg, Ciociari won 3-0. Penalized by three points, Calabria will try to close in on Cagliari, who are now fifth, five lengths down.18:01

  • Frosinone is getting ready to party, thanks to a draw between Bari and Cittadella, one win is missing and it will be Serie A Reggina, who is not having a good moment, however, needs points to stay in the playing area.17:53

  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Benito Stirp
    City: Frosinone
    Capacity: 16,125 spectators17:53

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