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The new paths of “digital citizenship” and international designation in female biomedicine, but also confirmation of reviews, such as the Film Festival of the Future, which has found its seat for several years in the open laboratory in Modena. Also in the second half of 2022 there are several initiatives planned in the center of Viale Buon Pastore 43, which have been confirmed as a suitable platform for the new frontiers of technology, culture, economics and science, including studies, in-depth experiences of experts and professionals and knowledge dissemination projects open to all.

The point about the updated programs for this year, which could be supplemented with more appointments in the coming months, was made today, Wednesday, June 29, at a press conference in the presence of the Adviser on Culture, Youth Policies and University City Andrea Portolamassi, by Member of the Council on Smart Cities, Economic Policies, Tourism, City Promotion and Services Demographer Ludovica Carla Ferrari and Project Director of the Emilia-Romagna Open Area Laboratories Fabrizio Palay.

“It is a central place for the development of innovation in culture – as Commissioner Portolamasi said – and thus contributes to the project of a growing creative city, which knows how to look forward on these issues and thus has been able to produce and attract important skills, including young people.”

“The numerous activities of the open laboratory – emphasized by Chancellor Ferrari – are included in the context of the measures developed by a city emerging from the epidemic, which has led to innovation in the service of economic issues and in general in the whole region, making it increasingly attractive in Italy and abroad.”

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“The open laboratory – added by Fabrizio Pallai – has the distinction of being the place where society is born and develops, thanks to the fundamental contribution of many subjects in the region who, having found space here, create synergies. The aim is to provide innovative services and projects through a structure dedicated to experimentation. and therefore for the future.”

Entering the details of the fall program, on September 15 the Open Lab will host an event for the cultural association “Progetto Emilia Romagna”, where young people aspiring to become entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises will have the opportunity to hear testimonies of the champions of energy and the ongoing digital transformation, in order to obtain Useful tools for self-guidance in future strategies. On the 23rd and 24th of September, it will be the role of the “Best Italian Women Scientists” (Tiws), an event organized by the international network “Development of European Women’s Management” (Ewmd) that connects professionals from different countries with the aim of engaging and exchanging ideas: on this occasion, they will meet More than 50 biomedical scientists in Modena to reflect on the world of research, the role and position of women active in the sector, the prospects for developing medicine, focusing on the heart and mind, and gender differences.

The Future Film Festival will then return on September 30 and October 1, with meetings and talks on themes of production, animation, visual effects and made-in-Italy video games, as well as an artistic study moment for computer experts, this is a “hackathon” on the themes of youth and the environment. Also on September 30, the open workshop will discuss the topic “Women and Digital”, reducing the topic of the gender gap thanks to the “Women in Technology” initiative. Finally, from October 4 to 8, the sustainable development festival will arrive at viale Buon Pastore 43. In parallel, digital citizenship courses will continue with new proposals targeting different goals, increasingly concentrated in the exhibition center of the city, and workshops on the use of the image and video processing software Canva and Photoshp.

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In the first six months of 2022, the open lab welcomed about 5,800 people who generally participated in festivals and personal events dedicated to various themes (57 in total). Among the key initiatives hosted are assignments related to the field of innovation and talent at the Motor Valley Festival, digital workshop sessions for theater professionals, digital citizenship activities (such as lessons on the use of smartphones) and projects with schools, notably robotics labs with Barozzi High School , Scratch courses for students with disabilities at Instituto Cattaneo – Delda and the Pollution Project – Lab Ekaru with Unimore dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship. Project Clap Open Day Focus on R&D Pathways applicable to the Creative and Cultural Industries Play Games Festival Initiative Entrepreneocoop Project Awards Ceremony Vinokilo Festival Eutechlabs Project Final Event in Virtual Reality and Youth Policy Thinking Meeting.

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